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Somethings are worth fighting for, Somethings cannot be ignored. Always the right thing to do, Is to take a stand, For the, Black & Blue Debra Halloway

This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Brianna Mariah Lopez who was born on February 14th, 2002 and flew to heaven on July 19th, 2002. You will live forever in our hearts.



A whole future,

So many dreams

Taken away






Our Little Angel


God saw you getting tired. When help was not to be,
He closed his arms around you and whispered, "Come to Me".
In tears we saw you sinking. We watched you fade away.
Our hearts were almost broken, you fought so hard to stay.
But when we saw you sleeping so peacefully free from pain,
We could not wish you back to suffer so again.
So keep your arms around her Lord, and give her special care.
Make up for all she suffered and all that seemed unfair.








God shall wipe all tears from their eyes;
and there shall be no more death, nor crying,
neither shall there be any more pain:
for the former things are passed away.   
Revelation 21:4

 Baby Brianna's Memorial and balloon release today at Doña Ana Cemetery.


From what I've seen, while the cage is still around Brianna's grave, it has been opened and persons have been leaving small tokens for her. To see pictures, I recommend visiting the Facebook page,

In Memory of Brianna Lopez.   


More than 10years later,

her story, her life, her legacy

is still reaching and affecting persons around the world.

You are loved, Brianna.

Always & Forever

Update July 7th, 2013


Through out the years, this website has been a place for persons to share the thoughts and grief that came out

of Brianna's horrific death. 

A chance to stop and remember a child who was brutally taken from this wold.

Brianna lived only 5months on this earth, but she has left such an impression on persons around the world.

This page for Brianna is truly as much for you all that it is for me.

I want you all to feel and know that this page is for you as well, that is why I have allowed the option for you to share photos of things created for Brianna. 

As of now the Main Album is empty, and I am giving you all the chance of filling it up.

If you have created, bought or found something in memory of Brianna, and would like to share a picture of it,

you can do that by going to the Gallery section and clickin Main Album. 

It can be of balloons released on her birthday or Angelversary, flowers, her name in the sand, a homemade token, gifts left at her resting place etc.

There you will see the option to submit a photo. 

When sending, you can add your first name and where in the world you are from. 

It's always amazing to see just how far Brianna's story has reached.

The photos have to be approved by me, but once they check out, I will approve them.


Also, a new album has been made called "Gone too Soon" and it is filled with other children who were murdered just like Brianna. Just hover over the image with your cursor to see the information or view the album as a slideshow.

- J.K.S



Brianna's Story


Her death

At only 5months old, Baby Brianna suffered a 5 months of horrific child abuse. Born to parents who never understood their blessing, Brianna was bitten, pinched and raped in her own home. Her mother Stephanie Lopez admitted to biting Brianna, throwing Brianna when she became mad and pinching Brianna. Her father also admitted to doing the same things as Stephanie but he and Brianna’s uncle were also guilty of raping Baby Brianna.

   The night before Baby Brianna died, her uncle and father threw her up in the air, then they didn’t catch her, letting her slam to the floor.

   Another Uncle and a grandmother, who lived in that house, knew what was happening to Brianna but they did nothing to help her.



 Even in death her family attempts to cover up what happened to her.

Though the community raised thousands of dollars to help the family pay for a funeral and memorial, family members rejected the gesture, and the money. They buried her privately, quickly and quietly in a cemetery excluding even some family members from attending. Shortly thereafter, the dirt mound above the grave was raked flat, and the identification marker was removed.

The marker was later returned. But when people who had never met Brianna repeatedly visited the grave site to leave flowers and honor the child, the family built a locked, metal enclosure around the grave site.

A ceramic, cherubic angel, with its right index finger in front of its lips, tells those who pass by to keep quiet.”



   Even in her short life, no one ever took the time to stop and take a picture of her. The only pictures of Brianna was taken before her autopsy by a detective. He took the picture of her bruised and battered face, then adjusted it so the bruises and scars of her life were gone.




What should have been


I, like so many others, are left heart broken over Brianna’s story. I believe that just like too many Angels that have died from abuse, we were cheated out of Brianna’s life. She had a whole future ahead of her. She could have been the one to cure cancer. Stop poverty but we will never know. Brianna should have had a family to love her, take care of her, and guide her in life. When I see children living their life and enjoying their childhood my heart aches knowing Brianna was cheated out of hers. She should have started pre-school but Brianna will never get to wear that cap and gown.  Brianna should have grown up in a loving home, surrounded by people who love her. Brianna should still be here.





Her Legacy


Even years after Baby Brianna’s death, her legacy continues to out shine her short life. Brianna has left so many broken hearts here on earth but her death has taught us a valuable lesson.

Child Abuse Needs To Stop Now!

Too many children fall victim to child abuse. Too many children die every year from abuse and neglect. Please report the abuse, don’t let this Baby’s death in vain.



To Brianna:

Angel Baby, I have cried so many tears for you.

My heart continues to ache.

I will Forever love you my Angel

& I will Forever Miss You

You live on in my heart every second,

of every minute of every day.

I love you Angel,

to Heaven and back.



Please take a moment to visit other pages of children

who slipped away from this world too soon.




                                                               After months of waiting, 
                                           Brianna's Bench was installed at her resting place

in the cemetery where she was laid to rest thanks to

The Hard work and dedication of the members of

The Remember Me Foundation.

(Please click below photograph to see their website)

(Picture used with permission from The Remember Me Foundation)




A Very Important Video

Please Watch





Special Thanks to Kelsey's Purpose for sponsering Brianna's Memorial Page. Also, to each and every person in every corner of the world, who took the time to light a candle, leave a message & remember Brianna,

From the Bottom of my Heart, Thank You.








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