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Maria Rest in Peace my angel June 16, 2018

My dear sweet Brianna, although you and me were both born just over a year apart, our life paths have been very different. It was just your bad luck that you were born into such a rotten family. There are parents out there who when they have the child they desperately want, the child dies at a young age and the parents grieve for them for the rest of their lives. Similarly, couples who could provide a good home for children and are desperate for them and would love their own child are unfortunately deprived of such good fortune. Yet your family received your beautiful self all healthy and happy and tried their damnedest to ensure you left this earth miserable and in pain. Even putting a cage around your grave? that’s just going out their way to be as cruel to a baby as possible. I am glad you at peace finally and you might get the childhood you deserve at long last. I always think about you and I hope you are in a better place now, precious baby. You were born 7 months before my younger brother and you died just 2 months before he was born. Your community have celebrated what would have been your 16th birthday? 16th! You were only 5 months old when you died! Your egg donor (SHE DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE CALLED MOTHER!) was released not long after the 14th anniversary of you ascent to heaven. Hopefully in the afterlife, she gets the punishment she needs. I always think of you my love, and I was recently listening to a Red Velvet song called One of These Nights. I always think about you, especially during certain verses. Please rest well and eat well up there darling, I am coming for you! LOTS OF LOVE AND KISSES FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD!!!

Tiffany Fowler I'm so sorry March 12, 2018
I am so sorry for the abuse Brianna experiened, I a parent of a 9 year old boy and to even think of doing those things to him i would die first. Kids are such a blessing and innocent and to me they  are the proof of what god is. They are such innocent and amazing blessings anyone could offer. Your little one is with Jesus and waiting for her family to join her in heaven. Bless her sweet heart and having to deal with the rotten nasty devil that she came across when she was brought here.

        She as Angel that we all want above us watching  
Tiffany Fowler I'm so sorry March 12, 2018
I am so sorry for the abuse Brianna experiened, I a parent of a 9 year old boy and to even think of doing those things to him i would die first. Kids are such a blessing and innocent and to me they  are the proof of what god is. They are such innocent and amazing blessings anyone could offer. Your little one is with Jesus and waiting for her family to join her in heaven. Bless her sweet heart and having to deal with the rotten nasty devil that she came across when she was brought here.

        She as Angel that we all want above us watching  
Guadalupe Ayala Rest In Peace Guardian Angel February 1, 2018
                                             I Am so sorry you had to go through what you went through in this short time you had on earth. I am so sorry that the people that were supposed to loved you failed you, and i am sorry you were born to such cruel people that only showed you the evil in this world. You never deserved this, and now I am glad that for 15 years you have been resting peacefully with your real parents, Mother Marry and God, that hold you tightly now and forever. Its sad to hear that this would happen to such a beautiful soul like yours but I know that now you are the Guardian Angel to many kids that suffer. Its because of you that this kids can have justice they deserve, justice you deserved. This people that did this to you, they will pay one way or another and trust me the day your story went viral thats the day they knew their day was coming. The first day they put a hand on you... thats the day they died. But dont you worry about all of this little Bri, you go rest in peace and play with all the little angels up there, you deseve it. Innocent
Hattie Remembering you September 22, 2017
I found an article about you early in the morning when I couldn't sleep and I cried myself to sleep. It almost seems pointless, what good is crying now after you've already been relieved of the pain and torment? I cry for all the children that have to endure similar situations. I could never imagine allowing this to go on. Just know, after your death with your story in light and 15 years later. We mourn for you. They've created a Bill for you, to lengthen the prosecution time for child abusers in NM. And so many of us wish we could go back in time and save you, and show you how it feels to be loved and to save you. But in your death you have made a difference. And sometimes, as cruel as it seems, that may of been Gods purpose all along. *Lobe from Texas-09/22/2017*
Makena Geoffrey You'll always live in my heart sweet little angel July 19, 2017
My sweet baby girl Brianna...Ever since I read your story almost 3 years ago, you've never left my mind and heart. You may have been born thousands of miles away from but I feel you so close to my heart, I can't really explain why baby girl, maybe it's coz I have a little baby girl who almost looks like you but for whatever reason I always feel you in my heart, I cry every time I think of you and my heart weighs heavily...I only find comfort because I know you're now happy and free of pain and hurt coz your loving Papa in heaven got you sweet little angel...I know every kind soul who knows about you will one day be happy to see you again up there in our home in heaven. Honey, I know for sure that those ugly MONSTERS that did this to you will PAY for their sins. I wish you could have been mine so that I could cuddle, kiss and give you all the love you never had here on earth ...Those monsters that hurt you my baby may they never know peace here on earth and beyond...May your tears and pain torment and haunt them forever!!!... Fly high baby girl and continue watching over us. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MY PRECIOUS LITTLE ANGEL.
c.rivera ANGEL IN THE HEAVENS March 2, 2017
to Sweet Precious Baby Brianna march 2,2017
Sweet Precious Little Angel in Heaven and in the arms of Jesus! You life on earth has casued a impact that has blossomemed around the world. Like a precious rose that God created with little pedals all tucked in I think of you wrapped up in them and sleeping peacefully. I pray that you are playing in Heaven's Playgroud with many other children that have been taken too soon!
You live on in my heart  ♥ and although I never got to hold you on earth I pray one day I can hold you in my loving arms. So precious little one Save a Place for me. I'll be there soon! But as long as I am on this earth on my journey from this world onto the next I will fight for the Justice and Safty of all children. All for you Precious Little One! 
May your name and memory live on forever on this earth so people will be the voice of you and so many others that were taken too soon! It should never hurt to be a child.
Sleep and play Earth Angel and come to me in my Dreams and give me Butterful kisses...♥
For you are so loved more in your death than you ever were in your life on earth. I know you are in Heaven because of the Truth and I Believe it! Blessings and Much Love to you forever ♥ .......
J.K.S 15 years February 14, 2017
Another birthday spent thinking of what should have been. 
David For Brianna October 29, 2016
Heard the piece on a recent episode of The Sword & The Scale podcast. A part of me died when I heard this story.

There are some realities, some truths, that cannot be fathomed. What good does all our collective heartbreak do?

And if she would have lived? Would her life have been the same endless, crass, evil pain being inflicted on her? Would she have been another Victoria Martens, her agony extended over years, rather than months?

What do you do with a monstrous truth like the life and death of Baby Brianna? I don't think all of the good in the world can rectify this horror.

Baby Brianna: Maybe in your 5 months of life, in a time when thoughts and understanding were just beginning to form, maybe while you slept, or in one of the few moments of peace and happiness you experienced, the tears and heartbreak and love that thousands around the world have for you now somehow traveled back in time and you felt it, somehow, in your tiny body. We were helpless to save you then and our sadness for you means little now.

I will try to love my own daughters that much more on your behalf, sweet little child.

May we all be forgiven.
Sheyla Stop child-baby abuse! October 19, 2016

Ever since, I heard about your story like a year ago, I’ve heard and read so many stories of little angels like you that have been raped, murdered, hurt, killed by some diabolic person, sometimes it was the mother, the father, the auncle, sometimes like u, it was the 3 of them, and it’s so hard to believe that anyone cannot do anything.

Sometimes I wonder how a person can be so cruel, to hurt a child, sometimes I ask God why He allow this to happen to these little babies, and obviously I don’t get any answer. I just pray God to send angels to take care of little babies, I pray God for not send babies to earth if they are not going to be loved, I pray God to send baby to couples that really want to love and take care of a baby. Why these little angels are made to suffer? What can I do to save at least one baby? What can any of us, who write these condolences, can do to stop child abuse?

What can we do? What can I do? The only thing I guess and I want to do is to adopt a baby, I have a 18 month baby girl, I had a miscarriage of my second baby (and that really hurts) I want a second baby and I want to adopt a third baby.

I guess at least that, is going to be my contribution to stop child abuse.

What are you doing?

Gayle Perry Heartbroken September 30, 2016
What a precious little one that was taken so soon.  The unspeakable acts of torture that this baby had to endure is deplorable.  I am appalled that the family members who knew this was going on, only got 30 days in jail.  They were just as much to blame for her death. The entire family should have gotten life without possibility of parole. Death is too good for any of these monsters!  Precious baby Brianna, I have a little grandaughter that is 6 years old, and I dream of what life would have been like for you in a loving, nurturing home. I guess the only good to make of this nightmare was that because of the neglect from other family members, that the suffering came to an end. If only you had been saved precious little one. My heart aches for every little mark left on your tiny little body. Your story has touched so many people and hopefully is a message to all communities to watch over the small and innocent so that they never suffer like you did
Priya September 27, 2016
Sweet angel Brianna,

I do not wish to condole your death but condole the death of humanity. Oh sweet, girl--I just learned about you this past weekend, and can not stop thinking about you. I have cried and cried, and consoling myself that God is looking after you. A read somewhere that you spent some time at the hospital being a preemie, and if its true I hope that you received some love there. My baby was born a preemie too. My heart is just a million pieces for you. Wish your cruel family knew the blessing they had! How angelic your face was! And what a smart and beautiful woman you would have grown up to be...
I'm sorry sweetie that you had to endure so much pain. I'm so very apologetic for this cruel world dear baby.
In your short life you have touched so many lives, that none of us living folks could claim. You have made such a difference and brought about a major change in the law.
I wish you the purest love from God and I wish that if there is rebirth, you found the most loving family.
Rest in piece, precious baby. 
I hope all those satanic people who sin against innocent babies and children are tried by God. They can surely not escape that!
Laiwah Robinson Litte Angel September 26, 2016

I just wan to tell you that it's been 14 years since you die and I just read your story. I have not been able to take you of my mind. I got mad at God because I don't understand how he can allow this to happen. I do believe in God but what happened to you has confused me in some ways. I wish I can have a magic lamp and go and save you 14 years ago from those monters. I can't stop crying for you. I"m so so sorry for your pain and suffering you went through. I never considered myself as having a hero but YOU MY LITTLE ANGEL ARE MY #1 HERO. I know you are with God now and his angels. I send you the BIGGEST HUGNS AND KISSES to YOU. I'm so sorry my darling for everything.
Rose N Bless you September 26, 2016
I had not heard this story of you Briana.  Till the other day when they let the woman that gave you birth ,,,came out of prison. She should not be known as your Mother..she should rot in prison and have things done to her what she did to you.  A life of hurt and pain is not what your life was meant for.  Your little life should ahve been loved and kissed on and hold you for hours. I feel so bad for any child going thru this.  I am sure God is holding you and giving you all the Love you deserve.  I think of you daily and how could she and they have done this to you. I pray your death does not go in vain,,New Mexico should have the Death penalty for all you went thru.  
Viridiana Santiago My Angel In Heaven September 25, 2016
Oh Baby Girl, I just read your story two days ago and I swear I have spent these past days crying and crying over all those horrible things you went through. I can't even begin to think why the person who brought you into this world would permit such horrible acts to take place. I cannot imagine the pain you had to undergo for 5 long months. I cannot get you off my mind after reading your story and looking at those pictures of your pretty little face all bruced up. My heart is broken at the fact that all this happend to you and no one was there to protect you and love you. But, I want you to know that even though we never met, you will forever stay in my heart. When I see my one year old daughter, I see you in her and think of what you could have grown up to be. In the year 2002 I was only 10 years old and I would have probably not understood much but today I understand that under no circumstances will I ever let anyone hurt my daughters the way they hurt you. Your story has truely impacted my life, my soul, my body, and my heart. From this land where my feet rest on, I send you the biggest kiss and the biggest hug full of love that you deserve! The only great part about your death, is that you no longer feel pain and torture, you know fly free in paradise wathcing over like the litte angel you are. I love you Breanna and I will always take you with me <3 Continue Resting In Peace My Darling, from now on, you will be my Angel in Heaven <3
Clarinda Wright An angel in heaven September 24, 2016
I just read your very sad.
Brenda Garcia September 23, 2016
I'm so heart broken right.
Brenda Garcia Dear Brianna September 23, 2016
I'm so heart broken right.
Brenda Dear Brianna September 23, 2016
I'm so heart broken right.
Lyza Shaw September 22, 2016
In 1992 my first baby (I named him Alexander) went home to be with
Dear Brianna Spread your wings and fly baby girl September 22, 2016
It breaks my heard as I read news headlines that the monster who allowed this to happen to you gets to walk free while you never had the chance. She will have to face her own judgement day as well as the 2 others who hurt you. You would be what 14 years old now? What a beautiful girl you would be. It hurts my heart every time I read your story. How could anyone do such horrific things to such a helpless baby. Babies are supposed to be a blessing, not put on this earth to endure such pain. It saddens me that I even have to write this. I dont know how many times I read stuff about child abuse. Babies are not put here for us to abuse, take our anger out on, they are supposed to be the ones that lift us up on our bad days, make us smile when we are sad, because no matter what, a child always loves their mother/father. I hate that yours did this to you. They dont deserve to be alive. Why didnt they give you to someone that wanted/needed you, instead they tortured you until your lifeless body couldnt take no more. Not a day goes by that I dont think of you and hurt for what happened to you. I hope your flying high baby girl, danging with the angels in the sky, living happily the way you should have from the start. At least now you are not suffering anymore. Spread your wings and fly Brianna. Fly!!!
Grace Gomez Beautiful Baby Girl Brianna September 22, 2016
This is the first time I have read your story.. My heart is truly broken.. How could anyone hurt such a miracle, blessing that's given to us by the man upstairs... I'm so sorry you had to live such a short miserable life... I wish you would of never had to go threw that... As for the people who did this to you will have their judgement day, and that will have to be between them and the lord... I hope your happy in heaven are you dancing and singing wit the angels choir... God rest this beautiful babies soul.. R.I.P BANY BRIANNA..Cry You are now wit your father and he will protect you
Viridiana Román Rest in peace baby Brianna September 22, 2016
I can't even describe the pain I'm going through as I read all of this!! I heart'sin pain my mind's all messed up, I just cant! I just recently had my baby girl she's the same age you were when you left this world baby girl and man
K N B Beautiful Baby Girl September 21, 2016
I cannot find the words to say how sorry I am for what you went through. I'm so sorry that you didn't get that you didn't get to feel the love you truly deserved. I just came across your story today, and I sit here crying and looking at my 2 month old baby boy and wonder how somebody could do the sick things that were done to you. Your story will stay in my heart forever. You deserved love, and you got hatred. You deserved hugs, and you got slaps. You deserved kisses, and you got pinches. I hope you are enjoying a beautiful existence in heaven, and getting everything your beautiful self deserves.  
K N B Beautiful Baby Girl September 21, 2016
I cannot find the words to say how sorry I am for what you went through. I'm so sorry that you didn't get that you didn't get to feel the love you truly deserved. I just came across your story today, and I sit here crying and looking at my 2 month old baby boy and wonder how somebody could do the sick things that were done to you. Your story will stay in my heart forever. You deserved love, and you got hatred. You deserved hugs, and you got slaps. You deserved kisses, and you got pinches. I hope you are enjoying a beautiful existence in heaven, and getting everything your beautiful self deserves.  
Abbey N Little Angel September 14, 2016
Little Angel you deserve nothing but to rest in the arms of heaven. I am so sorry that your brief experience of earth was what it was. I don't understand how people can behave in such a way, but your story is such a lesson to be told. May you play, laugh, run, and rest in beautiful pastures. May you always feel safe and loved with the thousands of people who think good thoughts of you. May you look down on us with compassion for the broken people who only know how to break others. Rest well little love.
Sandra Moreno Angel August 30, 2016
my name is Sandra and I'm 21 years old race in  foster home with a wonderful family who teaches me values and respect caring and love I was a mother at the aged of 16 and I'm so glad to be but I can't believe how can cruel life be this baby suffer a lot and I as tenneger  I was   i did never give up on her im just really sad to hear her story cause if that was my child I would protected  and love her and provide for her as much as I could but I mean if there is people who don't want their kids please let them go to a home where they can feel the love not from their parents but from others why so much cruelty towards   a baby  anocent life who can't defend her self why don't you guys pick on someone from your own size why kid why a baby  you can't love them just let them go  someone who will love to have kid a child to race not taking a small annocent baby life 
Monika Dear Brianna August 29, 2016
I hope I get to meet you in heaven.  I believe there is a special place for babies there.  Please come to me when my times comes.  
Heather Stowe Baby Brianna August 28, 2016
Baby girl there's no word's to explain the tears that I have cried for you in this short time that I have read your story you didn't deserve all the pain that your little body went through I would have loved to be able to call you my daughter,I have 3 children myself and I couldn't imagine my life without them .But now you are in a better place an u are flying high with the angels baby girl I LOVE you an my heart hurts for you 
cindy williams sweet angel baby August 14, 2016
i am still in disbelief that this has happened to a beautiful innocent precious life. may everyone open their eyes and realize that this type of tragedy of child abuse, neglect and murder occurs every day and needs to be stopped now. no more children should have to suffer or lose their life. my heart aches for sweet baby brianna. i hope that you are at peace in Gods arms and feel all the love in heaven sweet angel. you didn't deserve the suffering you endured from the ones who should have loved and cared for you the most. i would have loved to have had you as my daughter. i wish i could have held you, shown you love & happiness, to see your cute face smile, cared & protected you. i have 2 daughters of my own and could never let this happen to them. know that you are loved and will never be forgotten beautiful baby girl. 
Lynette Smith Beautiful Angel July 25, 2016
I think about you all the time, I first became known of your beautiful presence just last year, and when I read about it, I cried and wished this was not true, you didnt have a chance to live and be spoiled, live and bless us with who you could of became, I hate your parents, I hate your uncles, your aunties, I hate them all and wish they were dead, I wish they will be done how they did you, death is to easy for them. You deserved to be safe, you deserved to be here, you deserved so much more then what you were given and now I will share your story to the world to try to help, God protected you and took you under his wing, and he has giving you what no one could and that is peace, love, and joy, I love you baby briana if you were mines you would have never had to worry, so I will fight for you always, good be my beautiful angel above




Ashten lopez Sweet baby girl June 8, 2016
though we share the same last name, I am not relation to you. You bet if I were that you would have been still been here with us. I am so sorry that you only new the evil of the world, that you were not cherished and spoiled and loved. What a beautiful creation God made of you and your parents were to evil to except you. As a grieving mother , my heart grieves for you also now. We lost our little girl Lillian in October, please find her and love her, and call her your sister. Fly high sweet girl and when I make it to heaven I will see you both and kiss your faces. 
Sheyla Arriaza Siempre pienso en ti May 25, 2016
Todos los dias pienso en ti, no hay dia que no pases por mi mente. Siempre estas en mi corazón, siempre tengo el deseo de verte, abrazarte, besarte, hacerte reir, verte feliz, contenta, jugando en el jardín persiguiendo mariposas. A veces quisiera verte en mis sueños y conocerte y poder cargarte, y hacerte la bebe mas feliz del mundo. Se que hoy tiene ya 14 años, pero para mi siempre tendras 5 meses, siempre será esas bebe hermosa, bella, preciosa, con unos ojitos bellos, una boquita divina. Quiero tocarte, quiero que puedas sentir lo mucho que te amo, lo mucho que hubiera deseado ser tu mamita y que fueras hermanita de Camila.

Quiero que sepas que te amo locamente, quiero que sepas que siempre estarás en mi mente y corazón y siempre pido a Dios que me de la oportunida de conocerte y poder estar junto a ti por siempre.

Beba hermosa, te amo! Eres mi estrellita que brilla en el cielo alumbrando mis noches junto a Camila y su papito.

Hubieramos sido tan felices los 4 juntos, pero estoy segura que un dia nos reuniremos y seremos completamente felices.

Besitos mi amor.
Jo I want you to be mine May 9, 2016
My Dear Baby Brianna,

You have such a beautiful name Brianna Mariah. Well I wanted to say that I wish and pray that you are my sweet, loving baby daughter in the next life. You are so innocent and your life was very precious and very sacred. I want you to be my daughter I know you are now safe with God and I bet Heaven is beautiful full of good people that love each other. I know that there is a family in heaven and you can be part of their family. Because your family here was not your family, they did evil to you. So now you can be with a family up in heaven and be their very own. I just hope and pray you understand exactly what I'm saying and talking about. If you were here I would have you as my daughter because I am 29 years old and I have no kids and I would have you has my loving daughter. I would protect you I would be sure you are healthy and eat healthy food instead of chips and soda. I would do alot for you etc., I hope I'm making sense to you. If not God understands he knows our hearts and he knows everything. Baby girl you are in Heaven. You are home and you will never ever feel pain of torture or you will never shed any tears. I will be looking for you when I get to Heaven. It must be so beautiful and full of pure love and the highest love that God Has for his people. Baby Brianna I want you too fly I mean fly to the highest Heavens. You are looking at Jesus Christ our Lord and too your Mother Mary I mean your real mother Mary who will love you and show you pure love. Not the earthly mother who betrayed you and didn't appreciate you at all. You are precious. You were suppose get the protection and love and affection and all the attention and all the good stuff you deserve. But you were betrayed and tortured. I hope and hope that your so called family go to the deepest part of hell and that they suffer forever. Lord forgive me for saying what I feel. I feel hurt and I literally cried with cry coming down my cheeks and I cried for Brianna. I wonder how you would have been I know you will be in school and just having fun with your friends and being a normal child/teenager. I know you would have blossomed into a beautiful young lady Brianna. You will always be my daughter I want you as my daughter since I am not a parent, but would love to give you everything that you deserve especially my love, my time, and whatever good I have and my money. ❤ RIP Beautiful Princess Brianna!! I love you forever and evermore!! ❤
JessicaJessica Beautiful baby girl April 30, 2016
beautiful baby girl, i just read your story a couple of days ago. And i have not been able to stop the pain in my heart. When i read your story my heart broke. Ive never felt so my pain. Im sitting here crying my eyes out. As i see my little baby sleep.she is 7 months old. She is a beautiful little girl like you.. but in my head i have the pictures of you. The pictures that will never go away... you did not deserve that pain. You should of been loved, hugged and kissed. Baby girl i send my love. And  To the people that did this to you. They will one day pay for what they did. Baby girl i hope by me writing this to you. This would help me. Because i have been in pain since i have read your story. 
Kelly An Angel April 20, 2016
I just found out about Brianna and I was just shocked that people, such as parents and grandparents could do this to a beautiful child. I am mother and a grandmother and I can't imagine in a million years letting anyone do something like this to my children or grandchildren. Children are a blessing from God and should be treated that way. I hope that they burn in Hell for what they have done. It really turns my stomach. Actually, maybe someone should do to these people what they did to Brianna. Rest In Peace sweet baby!
Deny Linares Brianna are an Ángel April 19, 2016
Baby Brianna apenas supe tu historia ayer. Y no he dejado de pensarte, quiero decirte que estarás en mi corazón siempre. Qué fácil es amarte, eres un Angélita muy bella. Ahora eres una luz que brillara eternamente en nuestros corazones. Soy madre de una nena de 3 meses a quien amo con locura. Así como tú debiste ser amada acá. Ahora hay millones de personas que te amamos. Te llevaré por siempre en mi corazón y en mis pensamientos. Dios este a tu lado Angélita divina. Cry
Sheyla Arriaza Bello Angelito April 15, 2016
Bebita linda. Te escribo desde Guatemala Centro America. Tu ya sabes quien soy, todos los días desde que me entere de tu historia, he llorado, te he hablado, te he amado inmensamente. Con muchas lágrimas en mis ojos te digo que te amo locamente, inmensamente y que hubiera dado mi vida por salvar la tuya y salvarte y rescatarte de se dolor tan grande que esos malditos monstruos te hicieron. Camila, mi bebita de 12 meses, es igual a ti, bella, hermosa, preciosa y cada vez que la beso, la abrazo, acarició, pienso que tu puedes sentirlo y puedes tener un poquito de amor, del que nunca te dieron. Me atormento, me estreso, lloro mucho y me afecta demasiado pensar en el dolor que sufriste. Pero se que estás en un lugar lindo, bello, lleno de paz, de amor de armonía, y todos los díaa juegas con muchos angelitos bellos igual que tu. Antes no sabía que pedirle a Dios cuando llegará a su presencia, ahora le pido que me de la oportunidad de conocerte, verte, abrazarte, olerte y decirte lo mucho que te amo, aún sin conocerte. 

Te amo angelita linda! Sigue siendo muy feliz en el cielo! Estoy segura que te veré un día!

Besitos, mi amor!  
Ivettina Ivettina Sweet Innocent Angel March 16, 2016
My Dear Baby Brianna, it is March 16, 2016, and I discovered you four weeks ago and I cannot stop thinking about you.  I do not know what to write, so I will simply type what my heart is feeling.  I feel sadness and anger for the torture you were put through during your short time here on this earth.  I have a beautiful 17 month young daughther who I cherish and wlll move mountains for, because the love I have for her is beyond explanation. That is the exact same love I feel for you.  Had I known what you were going through, I would have saved you from the torture you were going through.  You were only 5 months old, so you could not even walk or crawl yet or do tummy time!  instead you were left to be tortured by the those monsters who were supposed to protect you.  I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND WHY THEY TORTURED YOU.  Now you are in the safe hands of our loving God.  He protects you, loves you unconditionallly, and you are SAFE and happy.  Every hug I give to my daugher, is a hug for you (crying as I type this) every kiss every toy every bottle of milk, is for you as well.  I feel awful that I was not there to save you.  I love you Baby Brianna, always always love you.  Ivette and Baby Bianca.
Haein Yi Dear Beautiful baby Brianna Lopez, March 1, 2016
This is a second attempt trying this~~~don't know why it didn't go thru the first time.. but Brianna

all I want to say is I LOVE YOU...and I am so sorry you had to be all alone during the darkest time. I wish I was there to protect you. I wish i was there so i can buy you toys, cards, and etc. you are a beautiful, sweet, and innocent baby. plz be born again in next life and be my daughter. I will always love u and treat u like a queen. I want to hug u so much!!!! sigh. I cry every time I think of u.. u are and will always be in my heart.

sweet dreams baby... God is with u...and I'm with u at heart..

Nia P Garcia Beautiful Soul and Sweetest Little Angel February 16, 2016
I am so sorry my Sweetest Little Angel of Mine,  I want to wish you a Happy "14th" Birthday up in Heaven......on Feb 14th

I love you sweetest heart...  
J.K.S The long road in grief February 14, 2016
It's been more than 8 years already since I first read of your story. In the beginning, there wasn't much on you. Just misinformation and a few snippets here and there. I wanted more for what you'd suffered. I wanted people to see what you'd been through. I wanted people to care. In the beginning though, there weren't many who did. Your death was too brutal for some to take. I understood but it still made me angry. It's been 8 years since then and very slowly your story has emerged from being buried in that cemetery. You've been given a voice that just did not exist then. I am forever grateful to have known about you during that silent period and into this period where your story screams loud. I am forever grateful that I was able to see how your story emerged from the shadows.
Over the past 8 years your story and life has blossomed and bloomed into something I never could have imagined. You've become a house hold name, and I find as more time passes, many persons come to this place of utter grief over what happened to you. I see the anger and despair written all over your page and the many other pages created for you. That initial shock is a jagged pill to swallow.
In the beginning I was a frequent visitor to that place. I remember the anger, sadness, despair, hopelessness. It's what made me want to create this page for you. It's a way for me and others to grieve over your short, brutal life. Some days this page wasn't even enough.
It's been 8 years and since then I found I've left that place of grief. I've laid your name and story and life down in that place where I lay all children who were snatched from this life. That garden in my heart where I can think of you all without the heaviness of grief. It doesn't make the grief better, it just makes it easier to carry. I don't think of you as much as I use to. Not because I don't care, but because I've learned to love and see you in a new way. I no longer see your brutal death, but rather the life your story has taken since July 2002.
Now on what would have been your 14th birthday, I find myself reflecting on the unorthodox journey we've taken since the beginning. How many things have changed since then and how many will change in the coming years. I hope your story continues to gain the life that you didn't. One where change happens.

Happy 14th Birthday, Brianna.
And I love you, I love you, I love you.
Like never before.

Nikki Remeur Precious Brianna February 13, 2016
lil Brianna,
 I just learned of your story yesterday, I can't even imagine the pain you indured.. I just want you to know angel baby, there are mothers an fathers that love their children, there are good people in this world.. I know you left this world thinking, people are evil, mean an cruel.. I wish on everything you could have seen an felt love, before you left.. You were so strong for so long.. I just hope your looking down on us an feeling the love you never got while you were still here on earth.. You have so many mamas an daddy's an sisters an brothers who love you very much.. Your free now babygirl.. Fly High an continue to Rest in Peace.. All my love,
Susan French Gods Angel February 8, 2016
Brianna, I think of you sweet little face everyday. My heart knows your an angel in heaven where you are loved and cherished. I can see you smiling and laughing like a happy little girl. When I get to heaven, I want to kiss and hold you like a real mother. The world can be cruel and its painful to know how much it was to you. You are loved by people worldwide!! We love you Brianna, and we will see you someday. So many babies and children are in heaven with you, but to know that you know Gods love keeps us all going, trying to make sure little.boys and are safe. Big kisses and hugs to you .fly with the angels sweetheart. God bless
tammy diamond sweet angel brianna. February 6, 2016
Baby girl Brianna Marie, it's so so hard to hear what u had to live with n had to all endure in ur home n by the ur own family..Family is supposed to be there for u to help u, love u, care for u, show ya the world n what it all has to offer u, Family is supposed to be supportive in all ways.. Everytime I look at my 2 month old baby girl Jemmah Marie makes me always think of u n what had all been done to u.. I jus don't see how a person a human being let alone family ur parents could've done all that to u ur such a beautiful angle n so deserved a better life I wish u could've been saved especially when family knew what was happening n all the things that had been going on n all what was done was absoultly nothing,nothing at all they had the chance to save u n jus sat back n ignored ur pleas n cries all hospitals have a Safe Heaven for this purpose where parents who are having difficaulties n problems they can jus take there babies there so all babies n children can have the life they deserve, to be loved, cherished n cared for n to be given a chance to experience all what the world has to offer..hearing about what happened to u n what u had to go through n endure breakes my heart that no one had steped up n did the right thing n save u before it all came to that last day hearing ur story as well as other babies like u n children makes me remember my bestfriend Tara hull who was 10 at the time n her sister carey hull was 7 when they was supposed to be spending the weekend with there father n there was problems going on with a custody battle n sad to day that Friday afternoon was the last I got to see them n then being told that it best friend her sister n there father had been found n the way there father done them n then his self is just disgusting that ppl monsters really who have no heart to do the unthinkable n unimaginable especially when it's ur mom, dad,or other family can think of hurting an innocent beautiful sweet baby girl like u.. I just wish brianna u could've been saved I could've had an amazing n wonderful life u deserved that..Angel girl u will never be forgotten n will always be my lil Angel baby girl.. I'll always be team Brianna Marie n hopes u get the full justice u so deserve..xoxo
Jennifer Craig You ARE loved, by so many! February 4, 2016
Sweet, sweet baby, you have so many mothers, aunts and uncles, sister, brothers and grandparents that love you unconditionally when the family that was blessed with you did not. I hope you are looking down and see that almost 11 years later people are still showing their love for you. I hope that there is a mother in heaven for you that can snuggle you and tickle you, to kiss your little forehead down to your tiny toes, and can give you everything your mother didn't.  I look over at my little daughter of 2 months and it just breaks my heart. I thank God for taking your pain away. Your innocence will forever live on and your memory will never die! And I know there are many people who will fight in honor of your memory to ensure that this will never happen again. I send you kisses and hugs and snuggles and am happy to know you are no longer suffering.
Nia P Garcia I love you and I have never met You... February 4, 2016
Beautiful Soul and Sweetest Little Angel,

I have never heard or saw your story unitl last night.  I cannot take you off of my mind beautiful little angel.  I cannot stop crying for you.  My heart hurts, I can barely speak after having read your horrific story.  I cannot beleive that this was allowed to happen to you and I wish I couldve protected you, I have 4 beautiful babies of my own.  Hevyn Lee, Jr, Dezzy, and Faythe who is a 1 year old little girl, I cannot ever image letting anyone harm them.  I know you are in a better place in the Lords kingdom, he has your wrapped with all his love, you are smiling and pain-free, you are playing and giggling I can almost see it.  what I dont see is where justice for what was done to you was handed.  You where the most innocent.  You would have been turning 14 years old this month.  Happy Birthday Baby Brianna, I wish you can come into my dreams one day and let me hold you and hug you and kiss your little cheeks.  In only having seen your sleep-like picture of you, you make me be a better mother, a better woman, and better person.  I will forever love you.  I hope when i arrive into the kingdom one day that I can look into your eyes that have never been seen.  Til next time Sweetest Little Angel  

Rebeca precious innocent baby girl February 4, 2016
Hi baby girl , 

Just wanted to say that I am truly sorry for what happened to you. If I would be given the opportunity to take you as my child I would in a heart beat.  You did not deserve to get the torture that you endured.  I'm so deeply sorry if I could have taken the pain and brought it to myself instead of you , I would.  When I first heard about your story I could not stop crying.  I cried and still cry and pray so much for you.   Such a beautiful angel.  Such a pure soul.  Why did this happen? And why is there still so much evil in this earth ? I love you angel , and I will keep spreading the word and keeping your name Alive. I have a 5 month old baby girl and every time I see her I see your beautiful face.  I promise to be the best mom and promise to fight to stop child abuse for you baby girl.  That's a promise. Your birthday is coming up soon baby , happy birthday.  You will forever be in my heart even though I never got to meet you,  I hope I see you in my dreams , I hope I get to hold you and kiss you one day.  We love you baby.  We love you.  
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