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BRENDA COSTA Querida bebê Brianna August 21, 2015
Queria de todo o meu coração ter podido livrar você de todo o seu sofrimento.
Meu coração dói de imaginar as dores que lhe foram causadas. Os maus que lhe foram feitos.
Peço a Deus que Ele cuide de você com o amor que só Ele tem, e que você não se lembre de nada que ocorreu nesse tempinho curto em que esteve no meio de nós.
Se eu pudesse agora, te daria beijos, abraços, te faria rir, faria cocegas, te daria o amor que voce merecia e não teve. Mas o amor que você recebe agora, do Pai, é o maior e melhor de todos.
Linda, fique em paz, saiba que meu coração tem um pedaço seu e que eu sinto muito por não poder fazer nada.
Somos frageis, somos pequenos, mas o Pai sabe das coisas. Ele te ama. Eu tambem.

Anjo, fique em paz. Beijinhos !!
Tammy Lawson-Hernandez to Sweet Precious Baby Brianna July 19, 2015
Sweet Precious Little Angel in Heaven and in the arms of Jesus! You life on earth has casued a impact that has blossomemed around the world. Like a precious rose that God created with little pedals all tucked in I think of you wrapped up in them and sleeping peacefully. I pray that you are playing in Heaven's Playgroud with many other children that have been taken too soon!
You live on in my heart  ♥ and although I never got to hold you on earth I pray one day I can hold you in my loving arms. So precious little one Save a Place for me. I'll be there soon! But as long as I am on this earth on my journey from this world onto the next I will fight for the Justice and Safty of all children. All for you Precious Little One! 
May your name and memory live on forever on this earth so people will be the voice of you and so many others that were taken too soon! It should never hurt to be a child.
Sleep and play Earth Angel and come to me in my Dreams and give me Butterful kisses...♥
For you are so loved more in your death than you ever were in your life on earth. I know you are in Heaven because of the Truth and I Believe it! Blessings and Much Love to you forever ♥ .......
Tammy Lawson-Hernandez ♥
J.K.S 13 years July 19, 2015
July 18th and July 19th will always be dark days. Even though you suffered throughout your five months, these two days will always carry a darker cloud. The only comfort I have is that you're away from the pain. And that your memory and story still continues to resonate with people all these years later. You've touched so many lives. In your brief five months, you've changed more hearts than most people do in their entire ninety years. You are a special child. One who continues to shine through all these dark days.

Rest peacefully, Brianna.
You are loved.
Never forget that.
You are forever loved.
Veronica Markun So long sweet angel May 16, 2015
After all this time, we still remember.  Love, sorry, heart ache and compansion is what I feel.  God has you in his arms getting the love you didnt get here on earth.  
Rita ..wish you were mine..... May 1, 2015
My dearest Baby heart truly bleeds for you, what you went through from the moment you arrived into this world...I am so so sorry for the very painful suffering, you a sweet tiny angel had to endure...I wish you're mine to care for and to love...
Each moment I remember you, I cry..your angelic little face, showed how strong were you despite of it all...
I pray from the bottom of my heart, that in the place you are in now, in heaven, in the embrace of God's love and all the angels, you do not remember nor feel the pains inflicted upon you while you were here on earth...may God's amazing love washes away all of the agonies, pain and hurt.....and I pray for all the babies and children wherever they are, who are not loved and cared for, that God may take care of them...and pray that the evils are cast back into hell...

Thank You Baby touched the hearts and the lives of so many.....

Raveena Ashraf Dear Brianna April 25, 2015
I'm so sorry sweet princess. I'm so sorry on behalf of those demons. I love you, with my whole being, my heart and soul.
If I could take your place and you could be here instead, healthy and happy, then I would.
Jennifer Beautiful Angel March 12, 2015
Precious little princess I am so sorry for everything you had to endure, how i wish that someone would have spoken out and saved you. i will never understand how can a human inflict pain on another specially a beautiful little angel like yourself. I think about you all the time and i cant stop the tears or the knot in my throught, i wish i could hold you and make it all better but u will always be close to my heart. How i wish you would've been mine and i couldve protected you and given you all the love you deserve. life was unfair my little angel but you have opened our eyes and you made a change. i will always love you Brianna and i will continue to light your candle every birthday. rest in peace my little princess until we meet in heave.
Andrea Pijacun To Our Sweet Babygirl March 2, 2015
Love, nothing but love....

It breaks my heart to even imagine what you had to endure each day of your precious life. Sweet girl, you did nothing at all to deserve the cruel, heartless and overwhelming pain that you did. Had I been near, your beautiful self would still be with us today and I likely would be where those horrible monstors are for showing them the fate they bestowed upon you. It would be worth it, if it meant your life would be saved.

Sweet beautiful girl, you would be the same age as my girl this year. Although you're not here with us in person, you have left an imprint on many of our hearts that will last a lifetime. You're safe now our sweet beautiful girl. Spread those wings and fly high, knowimg that you are loved. So very much loved our sweet angel up above.

Briana Reece To my baby soul sister February 24, 2015
I thought for the longest time that it was me that never stopped screaming from the horror and the pain of it all, but I think now that part of me heard you. I can't begin to imagine how many of us share similar stories, or how the world can remain deaf and blind till it's too late.

I'm so sorry for what you endured. So sorry that you never knew love, or comfort, or hope.

I'm so sorry that people think "family" means something, or that just anybody has the right to decide a child's fate... just because they couldn't keep their legs crossed or think having a child is like owning a pet.

I don't know if I'm sorry or greatful you only had to live through five months of that hell, I wish you could have been saved, I wish one person who knew you when you were alive had had the forethought to check on a new mother and her infant. I wish the world were less concerned with the right of a parent than the life of a child.

You need to know that you were perfect. You were such a good girl, you didn't do aything wrong, ever. And that's not the way that life was supposed to be for you.

So thank you. Thank you for braving this life, for fighting so hard, for lasting so long in such horror. You came to us durring a time where we really just began talking about these things, and in doing so you became every story that was never told.

No one can hide from what was done to you. They can't make excuses or try to gloss it over. You were an infant, utterly dependant, innocent... you were everything in this world that calls to the deepest part of a feeling human's soul.

Your life and your death sends a message people need to learn to understand: the world has to stop waiting for their children to grow up enough to ask for help. Because for you, for me, and countless others...

Our hell begins at conception.

I've only just begun to know you, but I've been reaching towards you since before you were here, I enbrace you and all of us tortured children in a constant plea that's too hopeless to be a prayer

Please, somebody, anybody... save us from being born to these monsters.
Alice V Happy 13th Birthday in Heaven Precious Princess. February 16, 2015
I visited you on your Birthday Precious Baby Girl.Like I have every year I placed gifts that were sent to you from Countries far away. Strangers that have never met you but Love so much. Precious Princess you are Loved by so many people if all this love could've build a wall to protect you from all the evil , hatred, and pain you would still be here. But God had other plans for you he needed another rosebud in his garden. Precious Princess I will continue to Honor you Birthday's receive all those gifts people send me from around the world to place them in you grave. And pray someday we will be allowed to take that ugly cage away or let us build you a castle and make it beautiful like you and place a beautiful headstone. Precious Baby no words will ever take all that pain you suffered but you are truly Loved and forever in everyone's hearts. RIP Precious Princess and May The Perpetual light shine upon you. I will Always Love You like a Daughter.
J.K.S 13th Birthday February 14, 2015

No matter how much I try to wrap my head around how old you would have been, I still cannot believe it. Do we still call you Baby Brianna? You wouldn't be a baby now if you'd lived. Then again, if you'd lived I wouldn't be here trying to understand. It's been more than 8 years since I first read your story. I still remember the early days of grief and anger and disbelief that something like that could happen to a baby. A small child. What did you do to deserve it? Nothing. And that was the problem. You didn't deserve what happened, but it did happen to you. After that, every year on your birthday I would think about what you might have been. I think of what you should have been experiencing. First day of preschool. Preschool graduation. First day of elementary school. You'd be in High School now wouldn't you? No more than I could have pictured you as a 5 year old can I picture you as a 13 year old.

I find that all these years later, the anger and grief and disbelief has morphed into a silence in my heart for you. A sort of scared healing that doesn't cause me to think of you as much as I use to. Not because you mean any less to me, but because I have placed you in that place in my heart where all children who have suffered the same fate as you go. It's that place where I realise it happened and it is happening. I know I don't have to think of you every day to remember you. You are part of every postive thing I do every single day. You are that warmth in my heart I get every time I see people gather to remember you or do something for you. You are that person who does something in this fight against child abuse. You are here every day in small ways and big ways. Thank you for that. Thank you for easing the grief and helping me see it in such a postive light.



Happy 13th Birthday Brianna. Your 13th Birthday may not be celebrated in the way it should have, a party with you surrounded by friends, instead it will be celebrated in its own special way. The looking at a sunrise or sunset. Spending a moment with loved ones. Or just thinking of you today. Which ever way, I hope you feel it. I hope you know it. You are loved, Brianna.


And I love you, I love you, I love you.

Like never before.

Kris My little angel February 14, 2015
Me sweet angel, please forgive me for not being there to protect you.When I saw your face i wanted to kiss you and hold you so tide, you are so innocent so sweet, you are loved by many people, be sure that these animals will get what they deserve, while you are free and happy in the hands of God. You are always in my heart, i love you somuch my little baby, happy birthday, me sweey angel
Anja netherlands Crying February 13, 2015
little brianna im am Crying for you and hugging my baby girl of 7 months. How could this happen why didnt some one stop this.
i hope heaven is no fairytale and you are there. With no pain and being loved.

i crie for you my little one......  
jess love February 12, 2015
I am.. So sorry for what happened to you. I can't put into words my sadness. I'm so glad you are now in God's living arms and no longer dealing with the high in heaven always. Xo 
Winda You are a beautiful child January 27, 2015
God meant for you to be a blessing and gift to your parents, not something they can torture and abuse.  I am so sad that you endured so much pain and suffering in your short life.  This makes me so sad because I have two boys and I love them so much, and I have always wanted a little girl, but unfortunately due to some health issues I was advised to not conceive again by my doctor. You could have been the little girl I wanted, I would have welcomed you with loving arms.  I thank God for the blessings he gave me, for my two boys, and to just think that you were supposed to be a blessing to your mom and famly and instead they did this to you, so sad! God has you now, and he will use you in heaven to be an angel and have a wonderful eternal life. Even though its unfortunate, its good that God took you to heaven when he did so you would not suffer any more in the hands of those monsters. Heaven will take care of you way more than those evil people would ever have. I send you a hug and kiss, and one day when I go to heaven I will look for you and you could be my daughter up in heaven.
Mimi BabyGirl Briana January 13, 2015
My sweet girl, I have 2 girls of my own 16 and 11 , and every night I pray to Gog that if anyone will cause harm to them, to let it happen to me instead of them. I just learned of this story and baby girl, I would have taken all that tourtoure for you. I can't stop craying, you have been in my thoughts and dreams and I kow that you are sitting besides the lord right now smile and playing in the fields. My heart aches that you went though what you went through sweetheart. I NEVER believed in the death penalty UNTIL NOW......ANY monsters that can commit a crime deserves to DIE (Im sorry Lord) thats how I feel, becasue I am ANGRY. i LOVE YOU BABY GIRL YOU WILL EVER BE FORGOTTEN.
A loving Mommy Tiny Angel December 18, 2014

Amber Sweet Baby Girl October 28, 2014
i would have held you, kissed you and loved you. I am so sorry that you had to be born to those people who didn't deserve a sweet little angel like you. I am sorry that nobody saved you. I think about you all the time. Know that you have the love now that you didn't have when you here. I love you, little child.
atayan angelika My girl! October 22, 2014
My girl Brianna!!My Princess!i love YOU every my life!never forget!!i know YOU you happy baby girl ..god with YOU!
Aminath yusra love u bianna September 6, 2014
i just want o say that i love you my darling angel. i m so sorry that you had to suffer so much when you should have been loved and nurtered. i wish i had gotten a chance to hold you and tell you how much that i love you. i cannot imagine the pain you had endured. i wish to meet you at the hereafter. i just got to know about you very recently and since then i cannot think of anything else other than you and i start crying. i m a mother of two kids myself and i cannot imagine anything bad for them. i love you from the bottom of my heart little angel and you will be cherished always and forever sweet baby.
A little boy's mama To an angel ❤️ September 6, 2014
I am so sorry for all you endured sweet baby. You deserved to be loved and cherished and you were not given that. I just came across your story today, twelve years after you have gone to heaven. Sometimes we don't understand how people can be so cruel and evil. As the mother of a one year old precious baby boy I know I am among those who will never be able to comprehend how any one could do something so vicious to a sweet, innocent little angel. But know that you were put on this earth for a purpose Brianna. You were put here to give a voice to abused children like yourself all over the world, and spread awareness that will hopefully one day lead to the end of child abuse. Maybe because of you some one who suspects a family member of abuse will speak up or seek help after reading your story. You will stay in my heart for the rest of my life sweet baby and I will hug my son a little tighter every night because of you. You are an angel and I just know you are in heaven enjoying a beautiful existence. Rest peacefully, sweet girl. ❤️
silvia r.i.p. angelo bello August 11, 2014
buonanotte, piccolina.
l'unico sollievo è che ora non soffri più
buonanotte coraggiosa farfallina
veglia su tutti i bimbi abusati 
Elisa Sweet baby June 18, 2014
I just learned of your tragic story sweet baby. As the mother of a baby girl myself, it rips at my heart to think of any tiny baby suffering as you did. I am so sorry. I pray that you are safe in heaven little angel. You will stay in my heart always. 
danielle so so sorry June 1, 2014
Yell im so so ssorry for you i bet in heaven your old enough to read and are looking over this page iwant to tell you for eternity in heaven you be in my heart untill i join you up there in heaven the way you left is wrong and very sad you may have met my family members up there i lov you brianna and im so so sorry you born in sch a horrible place
Lucia Villanueva R.I.P. Baby Girl Brianna May 22, 2014
Baby Girl, There are no words that can truly express  how I feel or what I really want to say.  In the short life you lived you suffered so much and yet after your death you have Touched so many hearts and saved so many others.  I have three Boys of my own of whom I love so much and protected since they were born. I too was a victim, and it started at the age of 3. I am now 45 and as I read your story I just want to say I'm sorry. I wish someone had protected you and loved you. Those monsters should have to pay. As I sit here, tears rolling down my face,  I totally remember everything. Those monster don't even come close to knowing what they steal from you or anyone else. They take you as a person, as an individual away. Baby Girl, I love you. God has you safe in his arms and totally out of harms way. You were taken way toooooo soon. That is true. But you have touched so many lives. YOU have touched the hearts of so many.  RIP Baby Girl.

Nicole Ann Magincalda Born: 02/14/2002 (Brianna Mariah Lopez) Died:2002 May 7, 2014

CryLittle baby pure and true, i don't know why they tortured and murderd you!. The angels took you out of this world because no one heard your endless cries, no one would save your little life, no one would save a dying baby girl. The angels flew you to heaven on their wings. ''So you would not suffer anymore horried things and you could be free from the pain that it brings!. For evil people brought you into this world but you were just a innocent baby girl. I bet you made it through those pearley gates, since your mom, dad, and uncle, sealed your fate!. How much happier you must be now to be loved by (Jesus Christ) and the angels above!. The good people on earth, we do wish you well but your family we hope does go to hell!. For they murdered and tortured your body, mind, and soul, even in death they have you caged, it is so mean and it brings me pure rage!. ''What happened did the devil come down and direct them to do it?. ''How in the hell can they live with themselves without thoughts of suicide, when pictures of you are posted and make me want to cry!. ''Through all of your sorrow and all of your pain, your family looked the other way, ''Now they can't sweep you under a rug because everyone knows your story and baby girl it is you that we love!. I can't believe that your family figured that with you gone, that they could just forget you and move on!. Mean people are people you have known all your life but now you are happy and you are loved because baby you are with the one true god (Yehwah) above, so dry your eye's because you are safe, they can't hurt you no more or erase your sweet face!. ''The world down here on earth and the good people in it are fighting a fright, so you can soon win it!. (Brianna Mariah Lopez) your fight was your life, and your fight was awearness against parents who don't care, who abuse kids and act careless, you were just a little baby trying to servive!. Until they beat you senseless and they took your life, so they won that war, but they can't take your memmorie because it goes down in history and it's every where, you were!. Memorials are set up just for you because of the tragic life and death your parents put you through, i just want to wish you well and tell you i'm glad your no longer in hell with evil parents that never cared and a mother who was anything but there!. ''So little baby tell St. Peter and St. Paul thanks for the help getting out of it all, when you see (Jesus) give him a kiss and make sure he knows this is my wish, that all people who harm the young, should be shot and should be hung, as soon as they are tortured how they tortured the now dead!. ''A short life sentence is hardly fair when you were forsaken cause no one cared to report bad abuse they new was going on!. ''God please tell the good people who remain on earth, how much i felt and how much i hurt. ''Glad to be home where i can be free and have a real mom, named mother (Mary)!.

The good people of earth miss you baby and we will never forget you with many blessings and lots of love and care we send our thoughts to you up there, to heaven above where you are now!. ''May the angels love and kindness take away mean peoples blindness and free all children from what you had endured torture, rape, and abuse that did in fact happen to you!. The worst case anyone has ever seen in forever!.

Nicole Ann Magincalda Brianna Mariah Lopez May 3, 2014

B is for: baby girl.

R is for: rightious god.

I is for: i'll will brought your way.

A is for: all your pain.

N is for: Never forgotten.

N is for: Nicole loves you.

A is for: Always in our hearts.


M is for: Mom is underserving of you.

A is for: angels embrace your little soul,

R is for: really sorry for your pain.

I is for: illusions Mom and Dad created.

A is for: Abuse they inflected on a innocent baby.

H is for: Home you are now a better place then from which you came.


L is for: Loved by the good hearted people you never new who do really love you and will never stop.

O is for: Oh god does care and baby i hope you made it there.

P is for: Precious is thee (Brianna Mariah Lopez).

E is for: Everything is okay now because you are finely free from torment.

Z is for: Zip through heaven and catch a star, i hope you find peace where you are!.


P.S I will never forget you and i will never forsake you!. If their is one thing i could let you know it is that you are loved by many though you were not loved by the one's who should have cared. I will carry you in my heart for the rest of my life and if i could have saved you i would have done anything to have helped you!. No one so young who can't even speak and say how they feel should have to suffer the things you must have endured. Your parents will pay baby and if their is a hell they will find it someday and pay for all wrong done. I signed the petition to keep your mom and dad and those that wronged you in a very bad way in jail and i hope they suffer, if their is a hell they will find it. ''So i said my peice and now i am saying good-bye to you but not forever just until i can meet you and hold you and comfort you in my arms and treat you the way you should have been treated. Love always, Nicole Ann Magincalda

Cindy I love you April 24, 2014
Beautiful girl, I just wanted to check in to remind you that you will Never Ever be forgotten.  Your life was worth living.  How I wish I could've heard your cries; I would've come running and torn that door down and rescued you from that filth that was supposed to be your family.  I wouldn't even care what happened to me; just so long as I could get you out of that hell.  I'm so sorry no one heard your cries in time.  Just please please know that you are LOVED!
Nika Parmova Sweet angel April 17, 2014

Reading your story made me realise how much people can hurt innocent children like you. You have chanegd my life entiraly. I just want you to know that I LOVE YOU unlike the people who tortured you to death. I am 12 and i wish that you could be here 12 too. I am so sorry that you came to this cruel earth and had to experience what no child should never experience. I love you Brianna and there is not one day that I don't think about you I just want you to know that I will never forget you ever. You are in the arms of the angel now and no-one can hurt you now. Don't be afraid!! R.I.P Brianna. Love Nika XXX  

Dawn Russell Angel Baby!! April 11, 2014
Tiny Angel Baby, Your days here were short and painful... I am so sorry for all you endured in your short time here on this earth.. I pray the angels play with you and you feel loved ... I am so sorry .. God's Blessing on you!!
Joanna Alvarez My beautiful brianna. April 2, 2014
My name is joanna I'm so sorry you are gone but never forgotten when I heard that this evil done to you I was so upset I couldn't stop crying you didn't deserve to die so young beautiful brianna I wish you were mine I would love you give you life I would never ever forget you baby girl you will always be in my heart love you <3
angelika and arnold love you Brianna!!! March 22, 2014
think abouth you,time,years......every my you!!!
Rhonda George SWEET BABY ANGEL February 13, 2014
I just read this story today and immediately cried. My heart breaks for this little angel. But now she resides in heaven with our Lord!!! And the jerks who thought this was ok to do to her will rot in hell...

stacie agnesi Beautiful Angel February 12, 2014
I am a mother of a beautiful little girl and I cannot imagine what I would ever do if someone tried to hurt her!! I love her more that life itself.  I am in tears reading your story.  You are the cutest most adorable little girl, I have no idea how such monsters could do this to you.  I hope the burn in hell!!!!! Now you are a beautiful angel in heaven. May you rest in peace.  I would have adopted you in a minute if I could have saved your life.  Sweet dreams princess and Happy Birthday!!
sara Briana February 8, 2014
they should of taken u from your bad parents puting u in a better family where u would of been loved maybe u would of been a live today poor baby what u went threw very sad and awful putting u threw all that abuse and hurting u
Ashley Little Angel January 29, 2014
If I had known your family and the things they were doing to you, I would've done something to prevent it.  I would've called the police and if you were up for adoption, I would've taken you in as my own flesh and blood. I would show you more love than what your parents have shown you.  I would carry you in my arms as you're nice and warm in your little cuddle blanket.  I would feed you, clean you, and play with you, like how every parent should.  I would watch you grow from a infant, to a toddler, to a teenager, to a woman.  I would be a real parent, a friend, a mother.  If I ever have a child of my own, I will name my first baby girl, Brianna, in memory of you.  I wish you ever lasting peace in the light you smile in now. Rest in peace, little angel.
Deanne manning beautiful girl January 25, 2014
I wright this not to you with tears in my eyes I am sooo sorry for what them monsters did to you. I can never imagin the pain you went though but Now your at peace beautiful baby girl your sitting in gods arms foreva he can shield you from all the pain and suffering you went though I love you baby girl foreva and always xxxx
Ruth Guinan Precious Angel January 25, 2014
I'm so sorry for what you endured in your short life you deserved so much more a heartbreaking story of which I cannot comprehend being a mother myself.. Sleep Tight in the arms if the angels precious beautiful girl Brianna xxxx
mrs g Sweet Baby Girl January 17, 2014
Sweet Little Baby Girl,
I am sorry for all you went through. You do not deserve what happened. i wish i could have been your momma to hold you and play peek a boo with you.. may you forget all the suffering and live in complete bliss and peace.. may you watch all other helpless angels and lead them to heaven.. i am overwhelmed with emotion. rest in peace baby girl
Estalene Chappel Sweet Litte Angel January 15, 2014
Brianna, You will live forever in my heart. You Sweet Little Angel you are in Gods hands now and these monsters cannot cause you anymore pain. I read your story and cried my heart out. Rest in Peace Sweet Little Angel
monica an angel watching over us January 13, 2014
brianna words cant even express how thys makes me feel..when i heard about your story my heart broke..i couldnt even swallow..i felt like someone was holdn my throught..i dont understand how thys append..i dont ubderstand how monsters could do thys to there own child..i wish i coulda held u n shown u love tht u needed im sorry no one was there while u were in sorry no one came to ur sorry sorry ..i wish some one could have been there.. i have a 11 month old daughter and i see u in here...she makes me think of u all the time..i got ur picture on my dresser..brianna i didnt knw u but i love..i didnt knw u but i miss u..i didnt knw u but i cant forget about in peace baby daughters birthday is the 17 of february..i will wish u a happy birthday as well babygirl...we love u...
gabby una hermosa mariposa January 8, 2014
Cry no puedo creer que hay padres pero tan malos en esta vida, como pudieron hacer esto a una hermosa mariposa.CryCry
Kristina you are now an angel with god January 6, 2014
i read your story in had tears .. i cant imagine what kinda monster could let this happen to there poor innoccent baby girl.. if i had one day your abusers they would wish they were dead.. i may have never gotten to meet you but your story touched my heart in always will.. now you can be in loving caring arms of our father who will show you unconditional love in happiness you deserve.. love in miss u baby girl.. you will always be in my prayers and in my heart r.i.p brianna
Tabitha Silbaugh Missing you! December 16, 2013
My Dear Darling Baby Brianna,
My heart hurts in mourn for you baby girl and your short lived life. I wish 
you were here once again but in my arms I know myself and among many others 
would give you the love you deserve and much more then that. After reading your
heartfelt story and wishing if only someone would of went to the police you might have had a chance in this cruel world. I'm so sorry you endured so much in such little time my little angel. Now that you are soaring high with our other fallen angels don't let those who have hurt you down here lead you to believe we are all cruel, sick, heartless individuals because everyone on this page have been touched by you and your story in some heartfelt way and everyone of us would have given you the life you should have had and deserved. Love You Baby Brianna So Much! 
*******4-ever N my <3*********Love 1 of your Earth Mommies from IOWA*****(Tabitha Silbaugh)******
Ashley Wanted, Loved, Valued December 14, 2013
I'm so sorry. You story is the most heartbreaking thing I have ever heard or layed eyes on. You were the most beautiful baby, with gorgeous eyelashes, little lips, and a button nose. If I had only known where you were and what was happening to you. I would have taken you without question, got the medical help you needed, and loved on you every day of your life. I wouldn't have rejected you. I would have embraced you, rocked you to sleep, kissed your brusies, fed you, played with you, and made sure you were safe. I would have made sure "they" paid for their crimes against you and that "they" never laid another hand on another child. I'm so sorry that your joy, innocence, and life were taken from you. Your resting in the arms now of the best dad any of us have. Jesus knows how to kiss your bruises and give you the love and joy you need. Know that you were loved, wanted, valued, and had I known what was happening I would have done everything I could to have saved you.
Amy T I'm So Sorry Sweet Girl December 14, 2013
Baby, I just read your story today, and it brought tears to my eyes. I can't believe the things some people are able to do. Honey, I'm so sorry that this happened to you. I have a little boy who is 7 years old and can't imagine ever doing anything like this to him, or letting anyone else do those things. Behind the bruises, I see how beautiful and precious you are. I wish you were my little girl. I would have held you and snuggled you close to me. I would have sang to you and would have enjoyed seeing you smile and laugh and babble the way babies do. I would have taken good care of you and watched you grow big and strong. I would have loved fixing your hair and buying you dresses to wear to church. I'm sorry that you missed out on all those things but I know that you are in a better place. I will never forget you, Brianna...
Dinora Hola Mi Reina December 12, 2013
Kelly I cryed at this December 12, 2013
Rest in peace baby Girl.. 

I cryed reading this sorry, I wish things would have been different for you, no body never mind an innocent child should endure that xo...... Your in my prayers 

love kelly ( Ireland )  
A Loving Mommy Tiny Angel December 10, 2013
Hi my tiny Angel, Briana! I lit a candle for u and have continued to spread awareness to all that will listen! I am sorry I have not visited the site to write since the anniversary of your death! You are in my thoughts and prayers though everyday! I look at my children and I am happy to know that I love and care for them! I squeeze them tighter just knowing that some little defenseless, innocent, baby, toddler, child, adolescent, and teenager. I guess you don't think teenagers but I have heard of teenage daughters dying by the hands of their fathers in honor killings. The vicious murders don't stop! It needs to...please spread awareness help the innocence. The ones without a voice we need to be their voice for Briana and all the other helpless ones whose lives ended so prematurely and tragically! I love you baby Briana forever 5 months and 5 days old you left too soon and my eyes are all cried out! I love all the other little babies, toddlers, children, adolescence, teenagers who were gone too soon due to the people who were suppose to love and protect them. As parents it is our duty to protect our children, to love them, teach them, guide them, and nurture them. I pray for the lives and the well being of our little ones around the whole world. May you be blessed and watched over by your Angels! May God be with you and devine intervention follow when you have no voice and be saved!
Louisa Muskovits Brianna December 8, 2013
Ashamed as in, that humanity did this. That society has created people that would/could do this to anyone else. I pray for you, and I pray for everyone. That this behavior stops. No child deserves this, no one deserves this. My heart breaks for you. But I know you are in a better place, and that you are safe.
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