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Louisa Muskovits Love Bug December 8, 2013
Sweet, Precious Brianna, As I looked at that precious picture of you, I felt so much love. I wish I could scoop you up in my arms and tell you that you are loved, and that everything is going to be ok. I am so ashamed that this happened to you. You are in my prayers.
Andrea M Princesa December 6, 2013

Debo decir que es la historia mas triste y al mismo tiempo aterradora que he escuchado soy madre y no puedo imaginar hacerle tanto daño a un hijo ni a ningun niño como lo hicieron que depravación, que dolor te causaron y muchos de nosotros que hemos leido tu historia lloramos por tan atros acto, no puedo imaginar tu dolor y sufrimiento en tu corta vida, si te hubiese tenido te amaria con todo mi corazon y encambio de una lagrima te llenaria de sonrisas y amor, tengo una tristeza al escribir como pudieron hacerte eso, amo a mi hija con el alma y corazon y solo pienso en q ojala hubiese estado para protegerte y cuidarte, hoy eres un angelito brianna en la gracia del señor, y esa es tu recompensa despues de tanto dolor en la tierra. no tuviste familia de sangre pero al dia de hoy tienes familia de corazon que te recordaremos y te amaremos..

bree sweet baby girl December 5, 2013
ive been sitting here balling my eyes out. alls i can finr myself to say is how disgusting those ppl are. id give my life to go back to save you and give you the love you needed. i have 2 beautiful girls just like you sweet angel one who is a month older then you whenyou passed away. it breaks my heart into a million pieces knowing this happened to you. i want you to know that millions of ppl who never got to meet you love you so very much.  i hope your in a safe place and all ur pain is gone. i will always hold ur memory with me forever.. love you sweet baby girl
Lisa Marquez wish you were mine November 26, 2013
I wish I could have protected you, loved you, oh how I wish you were mine. I always think of you. When I hold my baby boy I just love him with everything & give him extra that I wish I could have given to you. I'm so sorry this happened to you sweet baby girl. You've changed my life forever. Until we meet in heaven...all my love.
Bree Hi my lil princess Brianna November 24, 2013
I read ur story on Facebook and I have been crying for the past hour. i have an 11 month old daughter and right away went by her side to hug her and kiss her reading ur story really made me sad and I just couldn't imagine anything bad happening to her so it just baffles me to think a parent would want to hurt their child. I wish someone would have saved from all the cruel environment u were in but unfortunately no one did. Looking at ur pictures u looked so precious I just wanted to pick you up and hold u and kiss ur pain and bruises away.  This makes me super sad and I just can't get over it . I am  glad ur  in heaven playing with the angels and next to god. I really hope children don't have to go through these things but  unfortunately  they do . Rest in peace. Beautiful princess u have a special place in my heart  babygirl.  Xoxoxo  
Natalie Sweet Baby Girl November 24, 2013
I read your story months ago and I will never forget what you went through. I have two sons never had a little girl. You will always be close to my heart. I am so sorry you were born into a family that does not know love. I too was abused growing up but not as severly as you. I hold you near and dear sweet baby girl. You are loved by me and you mean something to this world. Child abuse is done by weak people who have no heart. You are with GOD now and I know he keeps you close to him and you are loved unconditionally now. You did not have a good mommy, daddy or family  but many mommies here love you so much and we all hold you near to our hearts. As for your egg donor I think she needs to stay in jail forever and be forced steralization. I know that justice will come to you GOD will repay what was done to you. 
Monika We send you love to heaven baby Brianna November 20, 2013
Dear Bianna,
after I read about your life I really feel so much pain. I wish so much you will have such a mumm like I am. I will love you will all my heart. I wish I will know u. I really wish this never happend to you. I wiish for u all the happyhess of this world. I never knew you but u will stay in my heart forewer. With love Monika from Slovakia
Liz Hay Dear Little Princess November 12, 2013
I happened to run across your story last night after putting my soon to be 6 month old baby girl to bed. All I could do is sit and cry for you, your story has hurt and touched my heart. Today I have watched my daughter play, giggle, and babble and I kept thinking about your life that was cut too short and ended so violently. 

Every report I read kept referring to this people as your family, your mother, father, and grandfather and that angered me. These monsters were not truly your family. To me they are not even worth being called human beings. Even the family members who never laid a hand on you but continued to let you be harmed every day are just as guilty in my eyes.

I do not believe in god but I do believe there is something bigger than us out there. Wherever you are now I know you are safe and cared for. I wish I could have met you, I wish I could have saved you. You truly are a little princess, and you will always remain that way. Rest in peace now little girl.  Innocent
fiona asmarina TO ANGEL BRIANNA November 8, 2013

 ,anytum i think of my one year old baby you come to my thought at only five months old you had to endure alot instead of laughing and smiling you had to shed TEARS of pain,TEARS  of neglect and rejection.youd be turning 11 years today but your life was cut short by your parents who turned out to be happy and g;lad to know that you are safely wrappen in our heavenly daddys arm where there will be no more pain or sorrow.FLY HIGH PRINCESS FLY HIGH

valeria No te olvido October 26, 2013
Descansa, descansa, rie y juega en el cielo bonita. Tkm Innocent
A loving mommy My special Baby Girl October 5, 2013
Brianna as long as my heart beats part of that love will always and forever be yours. i will never ever forget you sweet baby and until I leave this world and get to hold you in heaven you will always be in my prayers and in my best most precious dreams. May God Bless everyone who comes here to keep the love and your memory alive forever more and God Bless everyone who loves you like I do. As the tears run down my face I am somewhat comforted by the thought that you are in a better place and you better believe I am going to run to you when I get there because my love for you is that strong. Ill see you there sweet angel. Smile for me sweet baby I cant wait to hear your sweet little baby voice and kiss that little button nose. I love you Brianna. Words are not enough to express how much i love this baby.
sherri johnson hello sweet gurl September 26, 2013
Dear sweet Brianna, 
I read your story several months ago and could barely see the words through all my tears. There are no words for the pain and suffering you endured during your short precious little life. I have a little girl. She's seven now and a baby boy. I'm reminded of you when I look at them. All I want to do is hold you and hug you and keep you close to my heart like you should have been.  You're a preious Angel flying high now where no one can ever hurt you again. You have deeply touched my heart and soul. RIP sweet baby girl. You will never be forgotten <3
Carolyn Hannan Ms. August 6, 2013
This beautiful little Angel was placed here on earth, we will never understand how something so horrible could happen or how the people who are suppose to love her the most showed her the least love or affection.  These monters will face there own judgment one day, although no punishment would ever be enough. The best way we can honor and show this baby our love is to always speak up, no one ever did for Brianna!
Ashley Gomez Sweet little Angel July 29, 2013
This is such a heart breaking story. Some thing so hurtful and painful to any mother to even hear. I had lost a 2.5 year old child in 2010 due to illness. I would sit in the hosital and watch my son is so much pain dien. Helpless and wishing my son could be better, Wishing there was some thing I could do to help my baby. I couldnt even think how any mother..... any human could do this is a baby. She couldnt fight back. She could not do anything. Tears she cried in pain and no words could be spoken. Her parents her family were not humans, but demons. I will always remember this sweet baby miles and states away from where she came from.
jessica baby brianna July 22, 2013
I will always remember reading about you in the news and I remeber crying for you and I couldn not sleep thinking what you went through you had a special place in my heart you still do even though you are in heaven i would have loved to be your mother even though i was 15 at the time of your death your family still dont care about you and they probably never will but all your friends and family who do care and love you are by your side every day and night well love u brianna
J.K.S 11 years later. July 19, 2013
"I dont think of her that much anymore, because she is a part of me that thinks. She runs in my blood and beats in my heart. She is part of me, always, so I dont have to think of her to remember her. She is on this side of my skin, not that, not out there, not away from me." - Ken Wilber

Bobbie Ann I'm sorry July 17, 2013
That a sweet baby like you, was born into a life of hell, for only a short while. Thankfully you have been saved and are resting in peace. Sent as an angel up above. Briana, you may be gone, but you are not forgotten. I hope you get another chance in life to be loved unconditionally, safe from harm, & protected from those who wish to hurt you. Until then, Rest In Peace Briana.
annie . my little angel July 17, 2013
i just cant believe how can anyone do this with their own child....its the sadist story i've ever heard...... my heart ached whenever i think about you my sweet baby....i have one year old son,i cant even imagine to touch him hardly....what kind of parents they disgusting........but i'm happy thay God takes you in His hands from those dirty,filthy bastards and i'm sure you would be so happy and would have been forgotten all the pain u endured.....many hugs n kisses my little baby brianna
My little Angel in heaven Precious Baby Brianna July 6, 2013
I was holding my five month old baby as she slept on my chest. i rubbed her little head and patted her back i hummed a sweet song to her. As her tiny little fingers wrapped around my one finger I looked at her itty bitty finger nail and her tiny little bones and I could not help myslef as i thought of you Brianna. I started to weap. Weap for my baby Brianna. She was just as tiny if not more since she was premature. i sobbed and I cried so hard as I held my baby tight. I cried out to God WHY!!!?? How could this happen? What did she do to deserve this!? Why didnt you just give her to me?! I cried and I cried for a few minutes. I came to my computer and signed in still crying. i wanted to see my Baby Briannas precious little face. I looked at your pictures and I just let myself sob and let it all out. God how I wish i could have been a neighbor or a family friend. How I would have protected her I thought. I sat there in front of the computer for a while and as i put myself back together...I looked up pictures of "jesus holding baby" and a picture of him with a little girl who resembeled what you may have looked like. It gave me a little comfort as i stared at it.  I then closed my eyes and I imagined you in heaven, smiling, gigling, and happy in the arms of Jesus. It gave me peace. All though your death was one of the worst ways to leave this earth...I do believe you are at peace now. Resting with our Lord in his kingdom. A kingdom that is now your home. Forever. I also believe he allows you to look down and see all the people who love you. That he allows you to feel what is in our hearts. And I imagine you smiling. I know your okay now. i pray everyday for you. I ask God. "take care of my baby Brianna. Let her know i love her. I will see you when i get there sweet baby. Love You.
You are safe. No one can ever hurt you again. Sleep with the angels Princess. Safe in Jesus' arms.
Mattie Vialpando Briana I think of you always June 28, 2013
Little girl. How precious and beautiful are.  I will see you in heaven I am sure.  Remember that there is a whole lot of people that love you.  I will never forget you.  I wish I could have been there to protect you.  I would have.  There are no words to express my little girl how much I wish I was there.  I would have held you and kissed you and made you laugh because thats what grandmas do.

Love you!

Cida Soares You are safe now! June 24, 2013
Baby Angel. Brianna. I don't know what to say. When I was reading your story, It really touched me so much. 'Cause I cannot imagine what kind of person could made you cry. I feel really sorry for those who did those horrible things with you 'cause they will never be abble to know what a blessing you were. It's really painfull to see your pictures so bruised. And imagine that the only pictures that we have from you it's the pictures from your authopsy day. That's so sad. It's not fair. I'm trying not to cry. Trying really hard. 'Cause I have two baby boys and can't imagine something like that happening to them. When I think of you, all I can think is your suffering, you just beeing raped, bited, pinched, spanked, bruised. Oh God.... it's really hard to imagine all that. Baby Girl, baby angel, rest in peace. Forget all about the pain you had suffered, forget about everything from this filty earth that we live. You're in a better place now. You're with Jesus. I can see you han to hand with him, smiling, laughing and playing with other Angels there in heaven. You're sleeping in the arms of Jesus. In Peace, Happy & SAFE. Rest baby angel, rest calmly, rest. You're safe now. You're safe.

Luz Maria Angelito Divino June 18, 2013
Al leer tu dolorosa y corta historia senti un dolor muy profundo, y me pregunto porque la vida te dio ese terrible sufrimiento inocente Angelito. Ahora tienes muchas personas que te amamos. Duerme y descansa con Dios. Te amo por siempre.
Teresa lo siento mucho!! June 17, 2013
Hola bebe siento, infinitamente lo que te sucedio, cuando veo tus fotos mis ojos se llenas de lagrimas y me duele mi garganta se me hace un inmenzo nudo, no lo soporto, pero se que esta impotencia no es nada para el dolor que tu sufriste,, solo pido a Dios de todo corazon que tu vida la haya arrebatado en el mismo instante en que empezo tu sufrimiento para que tu no hayas sentido ningun dolor,,, lo siento infinitamente y hubiese deceado mil veces dar mi vida, mi lugar por ti BEBE tu solo eras un angelito y que mentes corruptas decearon decidir que hacer con tu vida,,, lamento tanto para las familias cercanas ati y que vivieron de cerca este espantoso acto de aberracion y espero en Dios que tu estes sonriendo en este preciso momento. TE AMO ANGEL HERMOSO.......Innocent



tiffany and alex little angel June 16, 2013
WE read your story and were truly sad about what u went though no little girl or child should have to deal with  the kind of pain u dealt wth we will alwayz remember u and love like if u were our own
elaine fleming your beautiful face June 12, 2013
how is my baby girl doing today up there in heaven?been thingking about you lately...,how i wish i could turn back time,so i could rescue you from those filths who tortured and killed you..but you are safe now in the arms of more pain and are not here with us, but the memory and legacy of you remain forever...all i can do now is praying for your beautiful tiny soul.. looking at your beautiful face and wishing that someday (when my times up ,here on earth) i will have the honor to hold you ,give you millions kisses you deserve,and will love you eternally like my own..miss you and love you so much baby girl...

just one of your earth mommy..
simulata tuineau HI BEAUTIFUL ANGEL :) June 6, 2013
Hi baby brianna, i read your story the other day&somehow i cant get you out of my head :( oh how my heart aches for you&known what you went through! I have two lil girls&i love them so much ill give up my last breathe if i had you. i know that even though your parents did that too you your up in heavenly fathers arms still loving them both unconditionally i have no right too dislike them but if i had the chance ill will take them down 6ft under!! I will give you mylife if i had just 1 wish so you may live too see yourself you were such a strong lil girl for taking what you went through but now in our heavenly fathers palace living the good life, being loved&cared for beause thats what you deserve instead you got tortured,abused etc if i could take back time i would take you&have you as myown but thinking of it mygirls have there own guardian angel :) We LOVEYOU brianna constantly thinking of you&sharing your story with myfamily&wil do share too myfriends etc sooo we can stop child abuse GODBLESS LIL ONE :) Fly High Angel
Katie God Bless You, Sweet Baby Girl May 31, 2013
I read your story and teared up and wanted to cry. It's not fair. It's not right. I want to have children someday, and thinking about this happening to anyone makes me sick. You deserved to be loved and cherished. Everyone's heart hurts hearing your story, it's almost more than I can bare. Everyone loves you, sweet girl. You will never experience that pain again. You're in heaven, safe and warm in God's arms. Rest easy, angel. -Katie
Gabriel Hope May 30, 2013

This world is a valley of tears and pain. If you had to leave, god knows why.
You're an angel now, and are in a better place than all of us.

Justicia para vos y para todos los inocentes que no han conocido el amor de su familia.

greg jones hello angel May 22, 2013
hello briana my name is greg . im so sorry for what you had to endure you are such a beautiful little angel i would have givin anything to take you away from that a give you the love huges and kisses that the truely deserve. even though i never met or knew you i feel like i have lost one of my own children. you are precious so beautiful my heart breakes and tears run down my face . i love you angel and praise god i know that your forever free from any pain and suffering in the arms of our lord and savior. ill talk to you again later precious angel.  xoxoxo huges and kisses.
Valery Angel May 20, 2013
Jessica My Baby Brianna May 15, 2013
Hello Princess. Since I learned of your story I cannot stop thinking of you. How I would take your place if I could. You died like Jesus...slowly, brutally and most of all innocent of sin. But like will never be forgotten, our Father was with him through it all and I like to think he was with you too. I comfort myself by thinking he was there with you through it all. I want you to know that I have sat here crying, my heart aching for you as i look at your pictures. It physically hurts my heart what happened to you. and all that turns into anger. Anger towards those who hurt you and towards those who didnt stop it and protect you. That anger does something inside me that it then turns into rage. So much rage that I want to slowly, painfully and brutally hurt those who hurt you...I want to make them pay for what they did to you. Then as i look at your precious face..I think to myslef...I bet Brianna loved her mother. Even though they did all this to her...I bet she still loved her. Because thats what angels do. I tell myself the good taking over the negative thoughts in my head can only be you princess. Reaching out to me telling me  "no" Its you. It has to be. I cannot take matters into my own hands as i'd like to. I have to be good so I can go to heaven and see you. I will not ruin that for anyone or anything. I wait for the day i can see and hold you my precious baby girl. I love you so much and know you are in my heart every single day. Til that day when I can hold my Baby Brianna....may you be safe in the hands of Our Father, living peacefully, free of pain, sadness and hurt. May your memory live on..forever and ever. You have changed my life..and i pray you continue to do so in the lives of many. Love you sweet Baby Girl.
AmyLynne Because of you... May 5, 2013
Hello Angel Brianna, you are heavy on my heart this morning.  So often I look in my babys' faces I think of you and how I wish you could feel the many hugs and kisses that so many long to have had the chance to give you. I pray knowingly that you are receiving all that and more in the arms of Jesus. Because of you I pray every night to be a better mother tomorrow than I was today. Because of you I will never be the same and I will alway hold my children just a little bit tighter. Here's one for you Brianna Mariah. Love you baby girl.
elaine fleming a rose for my heavenly baby May 1, 2013
elaine fleming moya dotchka Brianka. April 23, 2013

how is my little darling doing up there in heaven?? missing so much sweet little baby..always with me wherever I go im taking you in my heaet and my mind.

Maritza Briana April 22, 2013
i wish u Eudora have been mine so u wudint have 2 live it life in pain luv u baby briana may u rip
shiela gulapa To My Lil Angel April 20, 2013
Hi my baby brianna. How are you doin up there? Its been 11 yrs since you left us but the pain just wont go away
i know you're happy where you are right now. Rest in Peace My Baby
EWA Rest In Peace April 19, 2013
 Rest in Peace Baby..death took your do not know how angry  I helpless I feel..if only I had been able to help you...
bo dear brianna April 12, 2013
dear brianna i found your story a couple months ago but i can't stop thinking of you. i have two children al little boy of 3 years and a little girl of 9 months old and i can't imagine what they put you trough. every time i read your story i start to cry. i can't understand how they could do this to you,you did'nt diserve this, you diserved so much love,hugs and kisses. its so sad that you were not loved here on earth. i wished i couldt haved helped you. if you were born to me i would have givven you so much love. dear brianna i will never forget you. i love you and you will always be in my heart. xxx
Yvette Grant With all my Love April 11, 2013
Brianna I wish that I could just hold you in my arms, And kiss your sweet little angel face.I wish i could take away all the pain you felt and fill you with love. I just want to tell you that we love you even though we never knew you. Brianna you will be in my heart forever!
Christina Forever young April 10, 2013
I'm so sorry this happened to you baby girl. You will never be forgotten little angel.
Karin We Love you April 4, 2013
My 5 month old daughter looks just like you... I am so sad for what happened to you and I hope you will experience all the love you missed on earth in heaven.
christine bamford to a beautiful little girl March 27, 2013
to a beautiful little girl, 

I was so shocked and saddened and cryed my heart out,  when I read your story , 

How does this happen, you were just a baby, I have 8 grand children that I just adore them and love them so much  and cannot understand how someone can punch and bite and slap a baby they are so precious a gift from god ,  and on top of that sexually abuse,  the amount of pain you would have been in, constantly, it is a wonder you lasted as long as what you did.

My heart aches when I read your story,

thinking of you always, Until god will wipe  out every tear from their  eyes and death will be no more, nor mourning and outcry  and pain have passed away


katie sweet child March 22, 2013
im   so  sorry    for   you   i  didn't  know   you  but  i constantly   go  on   your  website  i even  will  when  im  older 
Mary-Ann Kelly I wish you were mine, Angel. March 22, 2013
Wishing you were mine! I have a 7 month old baby, and I wish your spirit could come and live in him, so you can experience how much love and happyness you deserve. I think of you everyday baby, and I pray to God to take good care of you and that Sweet Jesus can carry you in His loving arms, Baby. Love you so much and hope to see you one day. Kisses and hugs Sweetheart. Love from The Netherlands.
A loving Mommy Tiny Angel March 22, 2013
Julie P Lullaby March 19, 2013
Baby Brianna, last night I sang lullabys to my 2 girls as I put them to sleep.  My 8 year old was tucked in her bed and I was rocking my 9 month old.  I imagined I was rocking and singing to you too and I couldn't stop my tears from falling.  I said a prayer for you and I do hope your little soul is at peace.  So many of us, moms and dads, love you little Brianna.  I will never forget you, dear Angel.  I love you...
Julie P Blessed child March 18, 2013
Baby Brianna, I think of you everytime I hold my 9 month old little girl.  It saddens me to the core to think of what you have endured at the hands of evil.  I am so sorry for your pain and suffering.  Your story has touched thousands and though your life was snuffed short, you have left a lasting legacy.  You may be gone but you are not forgotten.  I will think of you every day I look at my 2 daughters and you will always have a place in my heart.  Rest in peace little one. 
Miranda RIP Sweet Angel March 15, 2013
Briana you most precious, sweet little angel.  I came across your story just recently and it has had me in tears eversince.  How you suffered at the hands of those evil monsters who dared to call themselves your family!  I only wish you were born unto me - you would never have known such pain only love and happiness at my hands your entire life.  I love you Briana.  I think of you when I look at my own precious six month old baby and your pain and suffering makes me want to hold him tighter and love him more which means your death was not in vain!  I hope to God one day I get to meet you in heaven and give you the hugs and kisses that you should have received here on Earth.  RIP baby Briana, you will be forever in my heart and memory! xxx
elaine missing you so much March 14, 2013
just stopping by to kiss my heavenly baby daughter goodnight..sweet dreams my little love..till we meet..when mommys time comes...I love you / just one of your earth mommyKiss
A loving Mommy Tiny Angel March 10, 2013
Hello my little Angel,                                                             just want you to know that I am still thinking of you! I love you my little Princess and I am always thinking of you, you are always in my thoughts and in my prayers each and everyday! People all around the world know your story and love you as if you were there own. April is child abuse awareness month and I will continue to spread awareness. I love you my Tiny Angel!
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