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Jessica My Baby Brianna May 15, 2013
Hello Princess. Since I learned of your story I cannot stop thinking of you. How I would take your place if I could. You died like Jesus...slowly, brutally and most of all innocent of sin. But like will never be forgotten, our Father was with him through it all and I like to think he was with you too. I comfort myself by thinking he was there with you through it all. I want you to know that I have sat here crying, my heart aching for you as i look at your pictures. It physically hurts my heart what happened to you. and all that turns into anger. Anger towards those who hurt you and towards those who didnt stop it and protect you. That anger does something inside me that it then turns into rage. So much rage that I want to slowly, painfully and brutally hurt those who hurt you...I want to make them pay for what they did to you. Then as i look at your precious face..I think to myslef...I bet Brianna loved her mother. Even though they did all this to her...I bet she still loved her. Because thats what angels do. I tell myself the good taking over the negative thoughts in my head can only be you princess. Reaching out to me telling me  "no" Its you. It has to be. I cannot take matters into my own hands as i'd like to. I have to be good so I can go to heaven and see you. I will not ruin that for anyone or anything. I wait for the day i can see and hold you my precious baby girl. I love you so much and know you are in my heart every single day. Til that day when I can hold my Baby Brianna....may you be safe in the hands of Our Father, living peacefully, free of pain, sadness and hurt. May your memory live on..forever and ever. You have changed my life..and i pray you continue to do so in the lives of many. Love you sweet Baby Girl.
AmyLynne Because of you... May 5, 2013
Hello Angel Brianna, you are heavy on my heart this morning.  So often I look in my babys' faces I think of you and how I wish you could feel the many hugs and kisses that so many long to have had the chance to give you. I pray knowingly that you are receiving all that and more in the arms of Jesus. Because of you I pray every night to be a better mother tomorrow than I was today. Because of you I will never be the same and I will alway hold my children just a little bit tighter. Here's one for you Brianna Mariah. Love you baby girl.
elaine fleming a rose for my heavenly baby May 1, 2013
elaine fleming moya dotchka Brianka. April 23, 2013

how is my little darling doing up there in heaven?? missing so much sweet little baby..always with me wherever I go im taking you in my heaet and my mind.

Maritza Briana April 22, 2013
i wish u Eudora have been mine so u wudint have 2 live it life in pain luv u baby briana may u rip
shiela gulapa To My Lil Angel April 20, 2013
Hi my baby brianna. How are you doin up there? Its been 11 yrs since you left us but the pain just wont go away
i know you're happy where you are right now. Rest in Peace My Baby
EWA Rest In Peace April 19, 2013
 Rest in Peace Baby..death took your do not know how angry  I helpless I feel..if only I had been able to help you...
bo dear brianna April 12, 2013
dear brianna i found your story a couple months ago but i can't stop thinking of you. i have two children al little boy of 3 years and a little girl of 9 months old and i can't imagine what they put you trough. every time i read your story i start to cry. i can't understand how they could do this to you,you did'nt diserve this, you diserved so much love,hugs and kisses. its so sad that you were not loved here on earth. i wished i couldt haved helped you. if you were born to me i would have givven you so much love. dear brianna i will never forget you. i love you and you will always be in my heart. xxx
Yvette Grant With all my Love April 11, 2013
Brianna I wish that I could just hold you in my arms, And kiss your sweet little angel face.I wish i could take away all the pain you felt and fill you with love. I just want to tell you that we love you even though we never knew you. Brianna you will be in my heart forever!
Christina Forever young April 10, 2013
I'm so sorry this happened to you baby girl. You will never be forgotten little angel.
Karin We Love you April 4, 2013
My 5 month old daughter looks just like you... I am so sad for what happened to you and I hope you will experience all the love you missed on earth in heaven.
christine bamford to a beautiful little girl March 27, 2013
to a beautiful little girl, 

I was so shocked and saddened and cryed my heart out,  when I read your story , 

How does this happen, you were just a baby, I have 8 grand children that I just adore them and love them so much  and cannot understand how someone can punch and bite and slap a baby they are so precious a gift from god ,  and on top of that sexually abuse,  the amount of pain you would have been in, constantly, it is a wonder you lasted as long as what you did.

My heart aches when I read your story,

thinking of you always, Until god will wipe  out every tear from their  eyes and death will be no more, nor mourning and outcry  and pain have passed away


katie sweet child March 22, 2013
im   so  sorry    for   you   i  didn't  know   you  but  i constantly   go  on   your  website  i even  will  when  im  older 
Mary-Ann Kelly I wish you were mine, Angel. March 22, 2013
Wishing you were mine! I have a 7 month old baby, and I wish your spirit could come and live in him, so you can experience how much love and happyness you deserve. I think of you everyday baby, and I pray to God to take good care of you and that Sweet Jesus can carry you in His loving arms, Baby. Love you so much and hope to see you one day. Kisses and hugs Sweetheart. Love from The Netherlands.
A loving Mommy Tiny Angel March 22, 2013
Julie P Lullaby March 19, 2013
Baby Brianna, last night I sang lullabys to my 2 girls as I put them to sleep.  My 8 year old was tucked in her bed and I was rocking my 9 month old.  I imagined I was rocking and singing to you too and I couldn't stop my tears from falling.  I said a prayer for you and I do hope your little soul is at peace.  So many of us, moms and dads, love you little Brianna.  I will never forget you, dear Angel.  I love you...
Julie P Blessed child March 18, 2013
Baby Brianna, I think of you everytime I hold my 9 month old little girl.  It saddens me to the core to think of what you have endured at the hands of evil.  I am so sorry for your pain and suffering.  Your story has touched thousands and though your life was snuffed short, you have left a lasting legacy.  You may be gone but you are not forgotten.  I will think of you every day I look at my 2 daughters and you will always have a place in my heart.  Rest in peace little one. 
Miranda RIP Sweet Angel March 15, 2013
Briana you most precious, sweet little angel.  I came across your story just recently and it has had me in tears eversince.  How you suffered at the hands of those evil monsters who dared to call themselves your family!  I only wish you were born unto me - you would never have known such pain only love and happiness at my hands your entire life.  I love you Briana.  I think of you when I look at my own precious six month old baby and your pain and suffering makes me want to hold him tighter and love him more which means your death was not in vain!  I hope to God one day I get to meet you in heaven and give you the hugs and kisses that you should have received here on Earth.  RIP baby Briana, you will be forever in my heart and memory! xxx
elaine missing you so much March 14, 2013
just stopping by to kiss my heavenly baby daughter goodnight..sweet dreams my little love..till we meet..when mommys time comes...I love you / just one of your earth mommyKiss
A loving Mommy Tiny Angel March 10, 2013
Hello my little Angel,                                                             just want you to know that I am still thinking of you! I love you my little Princess and I am always thinking of you, you are always in my thoughts and in my prayers each and everyday! People all around the world know your story and love you as if you were there own. April is child abuse awareness month and I will continue to spread awareness. I love you my Tiny Angel!
Lamesha N. I love you Baby Brianna!!! March 7, 2013
God Bless You! For you are in a much better place now than you were. 
Michelle Howitt Sweet Precious Baby Girl February 27, 2013
Hello Princess, 
I first came across your story 3 days ago and my heart actually has not stopped aching, nor my tears that fall for you. I am amoung many of your earth mums still here on earth along with others that will not rest until theses EVIL people are sorted once and for good, I shall not call them your family as that is not who they are , you have all of us here for you. I cry for you so much princess, I just wish I could hold you in my arms, and hold your tiny hand and just cover you in kisses , but I know you are making the angels happy with a beautiful smile that you were denied of showing to the rest of us , but we can see it in our hearts. 
I am making you your very own little garden here in the UK Brianna and it is yours to come and be at whenever you wish.
Love you so much Baby Brianna, night sweetheart, speak to you again soon xxxxxxx
Stef kleine engel February 22, 2013
Kleine engel Brianna,
Ik hoop dat je gelukkig bent in de hemel.
Ik wou dat ik terug kon gaan in de tijd en je daar vandaan had kunnen halen zodat je bij ons kon zijn.
Bij ons gezin kon horen, je liefde geven, een warm bed, 2 geweldige ouders en 2 geweldige zussen.
Ik hou van je kleine Brianna.
shiela My Little Angel February 16, 2013
Happy Birthday Baby Brianna :)
karla rivas my baby angel February 15, 2013
these is for the parents of Brianna and all of the abusers out there may God forgive u cuz I dont. I have never hated anyone like the way i hate u if I and was the law U would beat and bite the mom for 5 months and 5 days  and throw her from the 5 floor and for the dad and uncle for 5 moths and 5 days I would beat u and bite u throw u i know even man in prison hate u so they would torture u and then we hang all three and put in ur forhead   THESE IS WHAT WE DO TO ALL CHILD MURDERS AND SEXUALL ABUSERS!!! u cowards filthy shit u beat on a baby because u know they cant fight back u better  thank  the law because if not u woulnt have lasted 24 hours in jail there would be no mercy for u. Yes YES I know there are a lot of u ou there that thinks like I do and I am sorry for those that not agree with me. but as a mother I hate this trash and I dont care what happens to them they could die and be tortured i woulnt lift a finger to help them they didnt have mercy on a small fragile baby that all she could do was cry everytime she felt the pain I hope u all never see daylight u three pieces of shit and remember every day of ur filthy life !WE HATE U specially the fucken bitch !!. I sorry but if i could go up there and tell them in there faces I would. I am Sorry for my Language I am so angry. SORRY
karla rivas Happy Birthday Beautiful Angel February 15, 2013
Happy Birthday my baby girl!! I Will always Love u. I am Happy To know u are with the Lord and his Angels so they celebrated with songs and trumpets the day u enter heaven they were waiting for u with happines and arms open!!  so God said let the children come to me heaven was made them. for his children!!  and for all those beautifull children whose lifes have been taken from them in evil hands of "CHILD ABUSE" may God embrase u in his arms so u all safe now with the lord  and for those who have given  and use their hands to harm a child the day will come when u will be face to face with the lord and his anger will be upon u. jesus said it will been better for u to put a heavy rock on ur head and throw ur self to the deep sea before touching his little ones !The Lords anger will be upon u and there will be no mercy. what u been through in jail is nothing compare to Gods anger.  LOVE U BRIANNA
Mandi Caplinger Happy Birthday February 14, 2013
Happy Birthday baby Brianna. You have touched my heart & soul. You have inspired me to be a better person & to give extra hus to my kids. I will love you forever & ever. I'm sure you are one of the most beautiful little Angels up there...
A loving Mommy Tiny Angel February 14, 2013
Happy Birthday sweet Angel Brianna! You would have been 11 years old today. I want you to know I think of you everyday and try to send you messages as much as I can. I want you to know that you will never be forgotten and that your story has touched so many people. I am sure that there are a lot of people that will share your story and spread awareness to stop child abuse! I will continue to share your story with as many people that I can! I pray for you and all the other innocent angels that have been abused and murdered and I pray for all the other innocent babies and children that may be going through some kind of abuse and neglect that they may recieve tha help that they need! I pray that they will be able to get out of the horrible situation that they are in! TO THE ABUSERS: SHAME ON YOU COWARDS YOU HAVE TO TAKE YOUR ANGER AND FRUSTRATION OUT ON BABIES AND CHILDREN! YOUR DAY WILL COME AND YOU WILL BE JUDGED! WHY DON'T YOU TRY TO PICK ON SOME ONE YOUR OWN SIZE AND SOMEONE WHO CAN FIGHT BACK! TO THE ABUSERS, PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, VERBAL, AND SEXUAL  YOU ARE A DISGRACE! BABY BRIANNA NEVER FORGET THAT YOUR STORY HAS CHANGED MANY THINGS AND HAS TOUCHED PEOPLE TO DO START DOING THINGS TO BECOME A VOICE FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NONE! YOU ARE SPECIAL AND LOVED! LOVE YOU BRIANNA ALWAYS AND FOREVER IN MY HEART!
Ronny Child Abuser Eradicator February 14, 2013
I am sorry for what happened. Your mother is a spic whore and your father is whaite trash. Your uncle is an animal. I hope you find peace. You are too preciosu for words. I wishI coiuld kill your family. They deserve to be 6 ft under not u!
Anne Mother and Lover of Life February 14, 2013
Happy Birthday sweetheart... I just saw today is ur Bday.
Nevin Angel February 11, 2013
I Love you Brianna my Angel......
my Love is forever.......
a loving moomy Tiny Angel February 11, 2013
My sweet Angel,                                                                                            Well I was able to get your story out now it wll be a waiting game to see if those involved in television will spread the word. I think of you always and even though it has been a while that i have known your story I still cannot hold back my were such a precious child who should not have had to endure that life of your own flesh and blood! A gift from God forever 5 months and 5 days old in heaven! I love you and you arre and always will be in my heart Baby Brianna.
Nevin Meleyim February 8, 2013
Güzel meleyim benim....Senden cok özür dilerim,,cünkü seni koruyamadik...meleyim bir kizim da sensin,Allahimin katinda..Inanmiyacaksin ama Ben seni cok seviyorum meleyim,aklimda ve kalbimdesin...
Hayatimin bir parcasi deyil hayatimsin.Allahimdan isteyim seni insallah  görmeye nasil eder. Amin.....
Canim kizim meleyim,simdi sen kosup,oynayip ve insallah kahkayla gülüyorsundur..seni sevenlerin yaninda coktur ama bizde seni burda cok seviyoruz meleyim..
Allahim seni korusun meleyim benim....
O Güzel melek yüzün dayma gülsün benim Canim kizim,...Äffet bizi
Seni dayma seveceyim,,dualarim seninle......
Ich liebe dich mein Engel
verzeihe mir, weil ich nicht da war für dich....
Gott sei mit dir mein Engel..
Ich werde dich immer Lieben....

Seni cok Seviyorum Brianna....


Nadia Baby Brianna January 30, 2013


I came to work thinking about you as I heard about you yesterday. It broke my heart to see your shattered innocence. Such a beautiful child you were. How could there be so much cruelty be in the world to let this happen to you. No one to comfort you, love you, and appreciate you. Brianna, you are in the best possible care right now. You are with God and although those monsters destroyed you as an innocent human being you are making those like myself appreciate our children and be the best parents we could. You did not die in vain and you will forever be in my heart. Although a complete stranger you impacted my life and although you never got this from your parents, " I LOVE YOU".


A loving mommy tiny angel January 26, 2013

Hello my sweet angel your birthday is near and we are gonna release balloons to you with messages of love straight up to you in heaven. I am trying to be an advocate and will not let your death be in vain. I plan to let your story be known to everyone and in April it is child abuse awareness month and I am gonna spread awareness everywhere. This is for you and to all the innocent babies and children that are abused and murdered I  will try to eradicate abuse around the world...till the day I die. I love you my precious one and there is not a day that goes by that I do not think of you and the horrible pain that you endured in your little life. I wish you could have been mine I would have loved and cuddled with you and I wouldn't have let you go...if I could have turned back time I would have saved you. I love you Brianna you are an angel fly high little one you are loved by people all around the world and you are saving babies and children everyday with your story. hugs and kisses to you in heaven!

Zahra EA I will never forget you... January 22, 2013

I heard about you a few months ago, and I couldn't believe that anyone could ever hurt such a beautiful little angel. You were too good for this world. I'm so sorry nobody saved you. Because of you I'm better mother for my baby girl because I see you in her. I see you in every child. All we can do now is be kind and love our children, how you should have been loved.

I've never met you but I love you with all my heart.

talia cosbey Baby Brianna January 15, 2013

hello sweet babygrl i never met u  never got to hold u my heart is heavy with sadness beacuse u were hurt so bad its not fair i greive for you like u are my own child  i hope to one day in heaven get to give u a big hug and kiss. in your memory i named my 4month old daughter after u. nomore pain rip brianna

A loving mommy Sweet Angel January 7, 2013
My dear sweet Brianna, I miss you sooo much and if you were mine you would have never known what pain was! I have two girls and one boy and when I look at my kids I always think of you... the little one who had pain her whole life and was never loved. I want you to know that I send all my love up to you in heaven little one! Next month you will be 11 years old, I  don't know if you age in heaven I don't think so... you may stay alittle cherub up there but I bet you get lots of love and cuddled by many up there. I am sad that there was no one that could save you here on earth so that you could have had a good life! I am glad that you do not have to endure any more pain. Brianna you are in my thoughts, in my prayers and always and forever in my heart... hugs and kisses my love!
leticia dominguez Precious Brianna Angel January 6, 2013
Hello precious girl. Ever since I heard of you a few months ago, my life has changed. To know the horrible things you experienced has shaken me to the bone, to know the life you lived is the saddest story ever. I am so sorry what you had went thru since your birth into this world. Everyday I think of you, I have a daughter who is almost 5 months old, I hug her and I wish I was hugging you too. I see her tiny body and I get sad to know the fear and pain you went thru. I love you Brianna, your death will not be in vain sweet girl. When it's my time to fly, I hope God let's me meet you. Precious Brianna.
a loving mommy sweet Angel January 2, 2013
Hello sweet angel! Happy New Year! I love you and know u r with the angels in peace! I blow u a kiss straight up to heaven and I want you to know that you are and always will be in my thoughts and in my heart! I hope to see you one day and cradle you in my arms sweet angel! I know you are in good hands with the lord and never will experience pain again! I love you sooooo much! xoxo and always in my heart!
Estela R You are in my heart January 2, 2013
Hello Brianna, 

I think of you everyday since hearing your story. I'm sorry it's taken me so long but news liike this depresses me but I am here now and will remember you always. I am sorry you had to leave us so soon but I know you are in a better place. I hope to meet you one day and give you all the love you never got here. You also have my grandmother who recently passed to take care of you and give you all her love.  I love you and will always keep you in my mind.
Ricky Gamez My precious lil angel December 20, 2012
Hello my little Angel, I just want to say merry Christmas. Me and my family love you so much, when I get to heaven I would really love to meet you. I just want to hold and squeeze you as if you were my daughter. Te quiero mucho mi princessa, quisiera dar te la vida que nunca supiste. You are always in my mind and heart. I'm sorry you never really got to experience a happy life here on earth but I wish I was you're father and I would have gave you a precious life like a lil beautiful angel deserves!:) I love
 you sweetie, and you are still in my prayers and always will be my lil beauty.
Lady V There's no foot too small... December 16, 2012
...that cannot leave an imprint in this world...

What happenned to you is nameless, but you are now just resting, waiting for God's Kingdom to come and bring you to life again into those arms who loved you, far away the pain and the fear. I've always wanted to name a baby girl Brianna, and I swear to your memory that I'll always cherish and protect her as much as you should have been. I love you, even when I don't know you, and I'll be there to receive you in that Wonderful New Earthly Garden, to watch you play with my future daughter, catching butterflies and picking up flowers. You look so pure and beautiful... May your beloved ones find some ease of mind...

Revelation 21: 3,4 says: "He will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away".

You are just sleeping now, precious child, and always in ours and in God's mind, and He will be pleased in bringing you to life again in such a precious place as you deserved...

Since then, beautiful jellybean :_)

Tianna Little angel December 15, 2012
Well , little dear angel , Christmas s is soon to be here I know you will have lots of fun in heaven  with your friends and family . I hope you and all of your family an friends have a great Christmas and always remember that  me and many others love you very dearly
Angel Your a little angel December 15, 2012

elaine fleming hello my little love.. December 6, 2012
Kissello my sweet  little baby..just want to say hi  toyou today.Christmas coming soon.I know you will be having  a very very wonderful christmas up there  with angels and God and all other little loves that gone too soon (your friends) ..please tell them that your earth mommy say  hello   and wish you all a wondereful heavenly christmas.Im leaving for cross country soon till christmas,hope I could make it to come and visit your resting place in new mexico.Its been 10 years since you  left mommy and  thousand of your other earth mommys around the world,yet today,I still miss you and think about you.You are with me..everyday ,wherever I go my sweet sweet little baby girl.Till we meet someday..when mommys time comes.Love you  so much my tiny little angel..kissing your  pretty little forehead softly  mmmhhhh..Merry Christmas my little love..
from your earth mommy/and your sissi  Tina and bubba CJ
Brianna Vidal God's Little Gift . . . November 29, 2012

My Heart Has Been Broken By The Terrible Events That Took Place . . . I Can't Imagine This Happenening For Any Reason Other Than That God Wanted You With Him As Soon As Possible . . . I Was a Child When This All Happened && I Came Across The Gruesome Story "2" Days Ago On Youtube . . . I Can't Possibly Imagine Who Would Do Something SoOo Horrible to Somebody So Precious, Young, Tender, Innocent . . . All I Can Really Say Is; God Had a Plan . . . && Still Does . . . I Hope You're Having The Time of Your Life On His Playground Baby Angel . . . I've Grown to Love You In Some Way Since I Found About Your Story && Do Wish to Visit Your Grave Someday . . . I Feel a Closeness With You Considering We Have The Same Name . . . Anyways . . . Love You Baby Girl . . . Sleep Sweet . . . Now, Then, && FOREVER <3

shiela gulapa For My Little Angel November 29, 2012

Hi there my baby brianna, how are you up there? I know your doing well with all the love that sorrounds you. everytime i think of you i just cant help but cry, but i know with god you feel loved, cared and feel so special. I want to see you s0on, up there to give you a big hug ang kisses. I just love you just like my own daughter. You're always in my prayer and in my thoughts. Ilove you my little angel.

From Your Earth Mom, Shiela :)

Jelena Little Angel November 28, 2012
MY heart breaks for brianna she did not deserve this ever since i watched the video of her on you tube i have had restless night. I fear for my own babies for there are evil people out there. i fell an overwhelming pain everytime i think about brianna. i dont know you but i love you and i will care for and love my children the way that you should have been
shiela gulapa To The Gods Little Angel November 26, 2012
i just found your video on internet, and it touches me so much,my tears wont stop from falling, im also a mother of a 2 year old baby girl. and the day she came into my life i was so blessed. and if only i was you mom, i would loved you the way a mother could give to her daughter. you may now rest in peace baby. in heaven you will be safe with god safer than you think, you will be loved the way you deserved, you have touches so many hearts. I LOVE YOU BABY BRiANNA, see you soon in heaven and i promise to give you a big hug and lots of kisses.

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