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Samantha Ferdz WE LOVE YOU BABY BRIANNA September 11, 2019

My dearest baby girl, after reading your story, my heart was crashed and cant help crying, I feel like dying inside on what your mother father and uncle did to you, and even if I am writing this letter, my tears are falling. Im from Philippines and I shared your story to my Facebook Wall. Alot of people were hurt and cant imagine how demonic your family is. I have a baby girl and she is 5 months and 16 days old. Everytime I look at her, I remember you. I feel sorry for you baby girl, your parents did not love you and treated you so badly. Since you are in Heaven now joining God and all the Angels, I believe you are very happy up there. God will punish your parents someday and they will realize how important you are to them. My baby brianna, how I wish I was your mom, I could have given you alot of hugs and kisses everytime. I will always remember you brianna, and we love you so so much.... One day if my time will come, I will see you in Heaven... Love and Kisses!! SamanthaKiss

Tifany Westcott Petition to get cage removed October 14, 2018
Is their still a petition to get the cage removed if so where can I sign it if not I think we should start a new one
mery bres forever in my heart September 25, 2018
hello Brianna,
only yesterday I known your story.
I cried thinking about how bad you received
You could not know caresses, cuddles and love here, but you know every person who has read your story he has in his heart a part reserved only for you?, in which you can always think of yourself and do it with the love and affection you deserve. You live dear Brianna, yes ... in all our hearts because it is and it will be impossible to forget you
Wherever you always are, know that a place in my heart is for you
I send you a big kiss with all the love that I'm capable , Mery


B. J. So Many Would Have Cherished You Brianna August 29, 2018
It's 2018 and I am just reading about your life you sweet baby girl. I know so many mothers and those who can not be mothers who would have loved to have called you their own and protected you. I too am one of those women. Rest Well you sweet precious angel. If there is a such thing as a next life may you end up with someone who will love and protect you. <3 
Alexis You are loved. June 20, 2018
Hi baby girl I just stumbled across your story & I can't get you off of my mind I now have a 5 month old baby girl & every time I read your story I see her , I seen the part they said you had no one to love you that is not true at all honey I love you like my own and I have never met you ! I hate that I couldn't stop any of this .  Baby girl I love you & I know your in God's arms now .
Amber Baby girl May 25, 2018
dear baby girl Brianna, I send you so much love. I think about you all day and night since I've learned about you. I pray now, that you have found some peace, I pray there is something after this life, you deserve happiness. so many people wish they could have taken you away from the hell you were in. If you haven't been sent back here for a second chance then I know you are a guardian angel now. Please watch over me and my family, and all other babies to protect them from harm. I didn't know you but I love you, Brianna. I love you so much, I'd give anything to hold you and tell you it's going to be okay. you live on in my heart and thoughts. I will always love you, I will never forget you. 
Anna Miller June 2, 2017
Dear Brianna,
I can't even express the deepness of my pain when I think about how much you suffered in the last moments of your precious, blessed and, sadly, short life. But then I feel happy when I think how happy you must be feeling in Heaven, with angels and little kids like you to play with. It wasn't fair what was done to your little, helpless body, but I'm sure that incredible things will happen to you, that you'll be extremely happy and beloved now, including by me,
Alka Serrao Saint Brianna Mariah Lopez May 23, 2017
Little Babay Brianna 
I have no words to describe the pain you went through in ua short span of life and you were so innocent that you didnt know what was happening around you but only could feel pain..your cry was heard by no one.
may be you were expecting someone to carry you,feed you,but you found no body around.I serioulsy doubt that your mother ever breastfeeded you.You are a saint to me because you died as a martyr.For me you are Saint Brianna Mariah Lopez .And i will always pray for you...

Tracey Baby Brianna- beautiful one November 27, 2016
Your story is so heartbreaking.  I cry for all you endure at the hands of people who should have protected you.  I hope that you have found peace. 
Marilyn Werner Miss October 20, 2016
ohhh Brianna!!!


Brianna darlin,I just read your story, and God knows i cannot explain how i feel right now!! my heart-aches for you, i am a single mother of two kids - boys, 3yrs old and 1yr 8months old. i just cant imagine what you went through, you were born on the day of love and yet nothing was ever given to you!!! i love you so muchh, you have given me the reason to love and work more harder for my two children. you deserve better, sweet heart Brianna and thats where you are right heaven!!!

Amillion years from now, and you will always be in my heart..

i love you forever angle Brianna..RIP!!

Marilyn Werner

Port Moresby-Papua New Guinea
South Pacific
Linda Baby Brianna October 11, 2016
Hi baby girl, my heart broke when I read your story. You're in a better place. I'l will always think and pray for you. I will always love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Clarinda Wright Sweet Brianna September 24, 2016
It breaks my heart to read what you went thru.youre in heaven free and safe with your heavenly father.
Maryne Baby Bianna September 23, 2016
I wish I could have been your mommy!! Even though im not! I cry and my heart hurts for you. I know you are in heaven being hugged loved and kissed by God.. May you rest in peace baby girl Innocent
ashley Dear sweet angel September 22, 2016

dear sweet angel....your time on this earth was very short...and you deserved a family that would have showered you with love and kindness....a mother that would have done anything to protect you...your life was short lived because of some sick and twisted people...and as for you mother i hope that she can never have kids again...she didnt protect you like a mother should....i read your story and my heart broke for you a mother my self i would kill somebody if they touched my babies like that...CryCryCry your an angel now flying high without any pain or agony left....

Carmen Perez Simplemente un Angel September 22, 2016
Ayer al igual que muchas personas supe de ti, Mi Angel bello!....Como es que puede exister jente tan cruel en este mundo. Lo cierto es que aqui es el verdadero infierno y tu ya estas en la Gloria junto a Dios y todos los angelitos al igual que tu. vuela libre mi nina hermosa goza del reyno de Dios de ayi no hay dolor, miedo ni sufrimiento. Dios se encargara de los que te hicieron tanto dano. Te llevare en mi corazon. Descansa en paz.Te quiero mucho angelito hermoso de mi corazon.
Gabby Hermosa Princesa September 22, 2016
Hace unos dias me di cuenta de el gran daño que te hicieron y mi corazon se partio en mil pedasos al saber que esas personas fueron capaces de dañarte de esa manera tan brutal. En estos momentos estas en el cielo junto a Dios y se que en sus brazos recuperaste la paz y la trabquilidad que no tuviste al lado de los mounstros que tenias de padres. Eres um hermosa princesa y siempre te recordaremos. La mujer quel te dio la vida y a la misma ves te la destrozo y te la arrebato vivira el resto de su vida arrepintiendose de no haberte protejido. Dios se va a encargar de castigarla mi niña. Mientras tanto tu ya eres feliz y jamas volveras a sufrir
Sheyla Arriaza Tu recuerdo siempre vive en mi May 4, 2016
Bebita linda, todos los dias pienso en ti, ya supere la etapa de dolor, de frustración, de odio, de rabia por lo que le hicieron a tu lindo y hermoso cuerpecito. Ahora pienso en ti como una bebe linda, feliz, contenta, jugando en el cielo con muchos angelitos mas, igual que tu, felices, alegres, llenos de amor, de ternura, de alegria, de paz. Estas en Manos de Dios, se que El es bueno, es consentidor, se que abraza, te besa, te llena de tanto amor, como nunca recibiste.

Estoy encontrando paz, pensando en que estas muy bien cuidada, muy bien atendida, que estas feliz, que ves hacia abajo y nos ves a todos nosotros, los que sabemos y conocemos tu historia, mandandonos mensajes de paz, de tranquilidad y queriendonos decir que estas mucho mejor arriba y que nunca habias sido tan feliz.

Te amo inmensamente, y locamente como amo a mi propia bebe, Camila. Eres mi estrellita en el cielo, que ilimina mis noches y se que un dia te podre conocer, besar y abrazar y tenerte en mis brazos por siempre.

Te amo.
Jehova promete revivirla volver a vivir ..juan:5.28 y revelacion 21;3 y 4 April 19, 2016
Ivettina Ivettina Hugs and kisses BaBy Brianna April 14, 2016
Baby Brianna, mommy Ivettina and Baby Bianca Madeline love you.  I still am greiving the way you were tortured...its taking me some time.  I only discovered about you on your fourteenth birthday.  I am still GRIEVING.
Santa You will always be loved and adored February 5, 2016
My mother in law told us your story during dinner time. I was absolutely horrified by your story. I'm so sorry baby girl that you had to go through that alone and with no one to help. I was 5 year old when you were born but even at that I would have protected you as a mother and taken you under my wing as an older sister. I'm 19 now and I told my husband when I have a baby girl we will name her after you because to me baby girl whether or not I knew you. To me you are my baby girl even of you are in heaven that does not mean you are not mine. I will give you the love of a mother you never had by carrying you in my heart and mind forever baby I love you always will ❤❤
Lindsey & Baby Jace Brianna February 4, 2016
I just read this story today , it had me crying inside all day. i have my own child and i can NOT believe the things i read. my heart hurts for Brianna and every other baby/child that suffered at the hands of an abuser. i hope you felt peace in those few moments of your very short life , god knew they werent right for you , thats why he got you out of that situation. i love you and may your beautiful angel soul rest peacefully. Happy Early 14th Birthday and Valentines Day! <3
Jen Precious Angel January 9, 2016
I can't describe the pain I feel for what was done to u I wish I would of been thier to protect you I have a son that' 5 months old.and it kills me to think that nobody loved you or protected you..I love you soo much and I will keep praying everyday so that those horrible people that hurt you get what they deserve you are an angel and God will love care and protect you little one :)
Meely Bri November 5, 2015
Hi Brianna, my name is Gabby and I feel so bad for you, you are actually a year younger than me. I feel really bad hearing about your story and I want you to know, I love you. Even though you don't know me and were too young to, you will always have a special place in my heart. Your mother father and uncle, deserve to die for their crimes and your family as well. They don't care and want you to be locked away and in the darkness, so they trapped you in this cage. They shouldn't even be your family. They left you in a pauper's grave for craps sake, they shouldn't have a say with what to do with your body and stuff. I love you even though we've never met,  you were a strong little girl and I admire you for thay , you have been hated by your family in life, but you were loved by millions in death. Rest in peace , baby girl, .
Irene Jenkins My precious Daughter September 5, 2015
My lil precious Angel I love you  from the moment I saw you.. I can't get you  off my mind ..Everyday I think about you .You are my daughter I'm your Mother not by blood but by  heart takes you as my lil precious daughter.. I'm sorry what happened to you..Jesus took you soon because if you would have been in this earth anylonger you would of have a lifetime of suffering.. You are in heaven now I'm happy that you at peace now. I hope when I get to heaven with you I get to hold you love you give you lots of hugs and kisses R.I.P My Beautiful baby girl .
Irene Jenkins My precious Daughter September 5, 2015
My lil precious Angel I love you  from the moment I saw you.. I can't get you  off my mind ..Everyday I think about you .You are my daughter I'm your Mother not by blood but by  heart takes you as my lil precious daughter.. I'm sorry what happened to you..Jesus took you soon because if you would have been in this earth anylonger you would of have a lifetime of suffering.. You are in heaven now I'm happy that you at peace now. I hope when I get to heaven with you I get to hold you love you give you lots of hugs and kisses R.I.P My Beautiful baby girl .
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