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natalia ubilla Esperanza de muchos.... May 15, 2013

Mi pequeñita y hermosa niña...leí tu historia y es como si mi vida hubiera tenido un enorme madre de tres niños, pero no sabes cuánto ubiera deseado que fueras mi hija para enzeñarte todo lo que se sobre este mundo ocupado por seres inmundos que dicen ser humanos.

 Cada vez ke veo un logro en mis hijos, como cuando aprendieron a caminar o a hablar, a decir mamá o papá, te veo a ti y pienso que te faltó tanto....tu vida fue corta, pero tu ausencia la noto como si perdiera a uno de mis hijos...pero luego pienso que ya estás en un lugar maravilloso sin dolor alguno y jamás volveras a pasar por toda esa desgraciada vida...en resumidas cuentas la vida no era para tí...eras demasiado ser para este mundo sin alma. Gracias Brianna y te extrañaré y nunca te olvidaré verdad que nunca te olvidaré...saludame a los Angeles...y espero que cuando ya la muerte me lleve estés del otro lado para que puedas recibirme y así por fín cargarte en mis brazos y decirte...te amo mi bebé Brianna. 

elaine fleming my heavenly baby daughter Brianna May 1, 2013
11 years ago you left this world in such a brutal sadistic way in the hands of of those three filthy animals, so many years passed yet the pain wont would never be the same again to me after I read your story last year. because of you Im a better person now..(im trying my best,every single day...),you are the voice of millions of abused and murdered children out there,your tiny body were long gone..but your spirit,your tiny soul remain here in my heart the hearts of millions of your earth  mommys and daddys. I love you much my tiny little baby angel..we love you so very much..please know this. you are forever in our heart.gone but never forgotten.

just one of your earth mommy..
dreamer happiness April 18, 2013
iam so sorry that you didn't live  to see the world  like going to school, making friends , birthdays  , parties and many more. you are at peace forever with the other victims of child abuse and god is taking care of u and giving u all the love  never had when u was  alive .
Ria Garcia Precious Child Brianna April 18, 2013

I am crying right now and thought if I was your neighbor and known about your abuse, I could have saved you...and you could have been alive right now...but I wasn't there... I couldnt imagine how your mom and dad hurt you like that. they didnt realize how precious you are. You remind me so much of my 3 month old daughter> i would fight if anyone ever hurt her, I'd do it too for you...You are now safe with Jesus my baby gir Brianna. I pray for total justice for you. NO BABY DESERVES TO BE HURT THE WAY YOU WERE HURT :( 

You will forever be in our hearts ♥♥

Please dont allow brianna's mom be on parole soon...please!!!

Brianna doesnt deserve this, nor her relatives deserve be out of jail ever!!

Kylee Vandergrift Baby girl April 17, 2013
Baby girl, I don't know you. I have seen your story, couldn't stop crying. God never did that to you, devil did. You are now in the hands of our father, God. So sour in the sky baby, forget the past. Be happy now, live your life in Heaven. Trust me, if I could of helped you, I would of.
Neka Angel April 16, 2013
I can't stop crying beacuse the people who suppose to love,care, and protecet you didnt do that for you.
if you were my daughter i will give you a wonderful home that you will have toys, dolls, the best school, first birthday, and most of all LOVE!!!

I keep you in my mind and pray that you are ok in heaven.

I love you my ladybug!!! XOXOInnocent
violet lopez My favorite baby in the world April 12, 2013
I will name my daugther after you Briana Mariah i want people to know that you are still alive and i love too much. i hate my name i have your mothers name STEPHANIE i just hated i cant believe nobody protected you. you should be alive right now not dead. i dont know why god gives kids to parents that would take care not dumm people love you.
violet lopez Stephanie April 12, 2013
you left to early and just to keep you alive i am going to name my first daugther after you. i just love too much i could never get you out of my mind. BELIEVE ME I HATE MY NAME I HAVE YOUR DUMM MOM'S NAME STEPHANIE I DONT LIKE i wish you were still live
Jasmine baby brianna April 10, 2013
its okay baby girl you are now in a better place were you are loved , and cared for.
we all love and miss you. Even though i didn't know you i still love you .. i can't belive that someone could ever do something so horrible to their own child. thats so horrible this littler girl had to suffer alot this makes me feel so sad and wen i have a child of my own one day i might just name her brianna just to show that i care.. and always will.  til we met one day baby girl. 

i love you Brianna i feel like your an angel from good to bad you couldn't of stayed longer.
but you were so strong , baby girl its okay you can live now without pain 
Mary Chavez You will always be in my thoughts and prayers April 5, 2013
Brianna, I just found out of your tragic death and I can't stop thinking about you, and all the suffering you went throught. What gives me peace of mind is that you are now in a safe place where nobody can harm you. I pray to God that those monsters suffer the same pain they made you go through. May you rest in peace. 
jimmy baby princess March 27, 2013
i hope you are ok up in heaven
Ernesto Murcia Vida sin fin ....Al fin!!! March 23, 2013
Buenos dias a todos, noticias como estas son pesadas para todos y por supuesto repudiables, a veces uno quisiera hacer lo mismo y dos veces mas con los que le hicieron esto a ese bebe.   Le agradara saber que ese bebe pronto resucitara en y Lo bueno es que ya falta muy poco para que desaparezcan esas personas inicuas como lo promete nuestro Dios Jehova.  Si quiere vivir en un paraiso donde ya no ocurran esas cosas, con salud perfecta y sin dolor ni muerte, si usted confia y tiene fe en Dios Jehova, vera pronto cumplidas sus deseos.  Dejo mi correo para que me escriban y les mostrare mas de la perfecta y verdadera esperanza de la vida eterna.  

Aqui esta mi correo:

katie baby brianna March 22, 2013

poor   brianna   im  so  sorry   for  you.   i  didn't   know  you  i   hope   you   r  happy   and   it  shoudn't   hurt   to  be  a child


marie-france dear BRIANNA March 22, 2013
Crymy dear lovely baby Brianna, rest in peace ,god will take care of you
je taime brianna tu me fait pensser a ma fille Heba dieu prendra soin de toi car il est
le plus genereux et bon envers tout les petit bebe vont au paradis et te rendra justice le jour du jugement  car dieu est juste et 
envera les coupable dans le feu pour l eternitee ce quil merite
marie with love 
big hug and kissess

Mary-Ann kelly I will love you forever Sweet Angel. March 22, 2013
As I love my baby I love you Brianna.
Thinking of you Angel. <3
A loving Mommy Tiny Angel March 22, 2013
My Tiny Angel,                                                 There is not a day that passes that you are not on my mind. I blow you kisses up to heaven and light candles with prayers said aloud for you! I pray that the child abuse will end! That no more children and babies have to endure any more pain and suffering by the hands of their own mothers and fathers. Grandparents, boyfriends, girlfriends, aunts, uncles, friends of the family and even adolescent teens the abuse can come from anyone anywhere and it saddens me! April is child abuse awareness month and let us all get together and spread awareness and stop the abuse physical, verbal, emotional, neglect and sexual, all forms of abuse! It should never hurt to be a child! A child should be happy and care free! This also goes out to CPS, if you want to save a child watch who and where you place the think you maybe placing them with good people the end the child is either shaken or battered to deaTH! I have read stories and seen video on youtube. The baby or child is taken from their parents and a week, or a month later they are gone! Or the child is hospitalized by parents too many times then investigated, then oops placed back with the biological mother and boyfriend the child is then beaten to death! I can understand that the job of overseeing a childs welfare is tedious but if you sign up for the job that is your job! Maybe their are just too many children and not enough social workers then thats the states fault! PLEASE HELP! BE BRIANNA'S VOICE DO NOT LET HER DEATH AND ALL THE OTHER BABIES AND CHILDRENS DEATH NOT BE IN VAIN! BRIANNA YOUR STORY HAS OPENED MY EYES! I HAVE CHILDREN BUT NEVER KNEW WHAT KIND OF MONSTERS WERE OUT THERE! I LOVE YOU AND ALL THE UNWANTED BABIES AND CHILDREN OUT THERE! I LOVE THE BABIES THAT ARE ABORTED ALSO IT IS CRUELTY AND MURDER TOO THE ABUSE DOES NOT STOP EVEN WHILE THE CHILD IS SUPPOSEDLY SAFE IN THE WOMB! THEY FEEL BEING RIPPED LIMB FROM LIMB AT 20 OR 26 WEEKS LOOK IT UP! HELP THE BABIES AND CHILDREN...PLEASE!
allajaha brianna lopez March 14, 2013
well um i will always pray for you everyday all day 24/7 so um your parents are in jail and
guess what thats they falt for abusing you like that so baby brianna i love you with
all my hearts. my brother and sister everyone in my family loves you and shout out
to all the people who are praying for you juss like me well i will be sending you
balloons and gifts.
allajaha about baby brianna March 13, 2013
man baby brianna i really miss you alot and um your parents were really stupid to abuse you like that you
were only 5 months and they gonna take among theyself to abuse you like that.
i am 15 years old and i am writing this for you not your parents baby you okay
so you just lay there and rest in peace okay you are in heaven just to let you
know okay i really LOVE you and hope you stay resting in peace like you
are doing right now LOVE you again lil mamma.
A loving Mommy Tiny Angel March 10, 2013
My Tiny Angel,                                                                    
I am sending you all my love from my children too, Ricky (15), Sierra (2), and Serena (10) months. They send you all their love my precious little one so sweet and innocent.You did not deserve what you got and forever sorry, I wish I could have saved you. All my love to you my sweet Angel Forever safe in the arms of God!

stephanie Miss brianna March 1, 2013
To cute little brianna I saw your story on YouTube I then went in tears and I would adopt u if u were in an orphanage even though I do not know u I love u and can not wait to come up to heaven with u but I am only 11 so I have to wait along time to see u up there with the big man.
Michelle Howitt Just for you baby girl February 27, 2013
Will also send you a ballon tomorrow xxx hope you will love it xxxxxx
katie baby brianna February 21, 2013
im  so  sorry  for you  even  though i don't know you i think it was wrong what they did to you i hope you are happy in heaven   god and jesus  are loving  and caring  for children  like you  i  know  it  shouldn't  hurt to be a child now should it
i know its  hard to be that way  k
 i hope your much happier  in heaven 

A loving Mommy Tiny Angel February 20, 2013
My sweet Angel Brianna,                                                                                              I love you so much and it hurts me so much to know that abuse is still going on all around the world. I am in tears in India the baby girls are unwanted by their fathers and are abused and murdered. Abuse is happening everywhere and the most innocent, helpless, and defenseless are being abused and murdered. May more people try to spread the word and help the innocence, like Baby Peter who was abused horrificly by his mother and step father . Baby Afreen in India abused horribly for being a girl. May the whole world help and come together to help innocent babies and children...please be a voice...children are dying horrifically and they need our help do not let these babies deaths be in vain! We must spread the word and help the babies and children
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