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Sylver Rodriguez
Lord bless your soul baby girl. My heart is with you forever..
Sylver Rodriguez
Lord bless your soul baby girl. My heart is with you forever..
Fly high with the angels sweet baby girl .
Hernandez Family
You will always be loved baby Brianna.
Monique Merino
Precious baby girl, god took you away to save you, now you fly with the angels. i pray for you always. love you baby brianna! sip
Monique Merino
Precious baby girl, god took you away to save you, now you fly with the angels. i pray for you always. love you baby brianna! sip
I had just read your story baby girl my heart breaks. I have just became a grandma and my princess is the same age I am so sorry
Stella Morales
2 yrs ago I found out about ur tragic death... And I come back every year to see ur page. So many people that don't know you..
I hope were ever you are you are happy!! this breaks my heart!! i hope you got all the love you deserved
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Loving Mommy
My beautiful Brianna!Not a day goes by where I do not think of you! I named my daughter after you!
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