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ShrutiRaj Nair
Strong girl .... I am praying ...please god i want her as my daughter ... Her pain i cant imagine anymore ....
ShrutiRaj Nair
Hey, angel god show mercy to u from that hell .. U brave child i salute u... U suffer 5 month there... Rest in peace. Luv u
It haunts me everyday what happened to you. This much pain should never happen to anyone. I’m so sorry, I wish you was my baby. X
Kiki McMillan
16/03/2017 Kiki Beautiful little angel finally at peace. Fly high
18/04/11 Caitlyn Always loved always remembered
Mommy of 5
May u Rest In Peace sweet angel. Why do people abuse our innocent angels. All that is there are cries. May all the abused r.i.p.
Lacey R Rose
Sweet little love I would have taken ur place in a heart beat. I wish I could go back and save You, I would of loved u like my own
melissa sara e isabela
Nena hermosa espero con todo micorazon conocerte algun dia en cualquier vida en el cielo, en la tierra donde sea, te amo demasiado
Guadalupe Ayala
May you rest in peace with your real parents up there, Mother Mary and God. I know they hold you tight for now and forever.
Pearl Lee
Rest in peace dear baby. Love and hugs.
Tannara Reyna
Lord only knows why they did what they did but he took you and protected you and now ur an angel who death help protect othes
C Xoxo
Baby girl, you were the first baby I loved, and the first one I wished I could call my own. I mourn you all the time. Love you xox
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