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Samantha Mtz Los Lunas n.m A angel that is now loved July 27, 2008

Brianna u r now an angel that is loved..... from jesus himself and he has loved your hole life he took you out this world so you can safer....with him.... your story has inspired every one here in New Mexico and New Mexico Families miss you because this was your home town..... your in our thoughts.......prayers.......memories.......and our hearts. we love you.

Con Amor,

Samantha l. Martinez of:

Los Lunas New Mexico


Angela Sweet Angel July 26, 2008

Dear Sweet Angel, you have changed my life forever. I can not stop crying for you because of the suffering you indured during your short time here. You are now in heaven where you are safe. Please know that you have touched so many hearts and that you are loved by many people. I wish that could just hold you in my arms and give you a hug. You are a beautiful angel and I will never forget you. I love you dear Brianna, RIP.  

Margarita RIP BABYGIRL July 25, 2008
You were put on this earth as a blessing from god and you ended up back with him in less than 5 months babygirl! Maybe you were meant to be up there watching down on us all, you were put up there to take care of my lil baby girls twin he/she is up there playing with you in heaven! your up there with a lot of wonderful people who have been taken to watch down on us babygirl they will take good care of you! you wil no longer suffer from all this pain god bless you baby girl! I love you although i never met you! RIP god bless you
Jillian A GIFT FROM GOD July 24, 2008

Such a beautiful baby. You were a gift from god and truely taken for granted. I can not put into words how much the events that took place in your life break my heart. God bless you !!!

Delilah A sweet Inocent baby girl July 24, 2008

 Baby Brianna! I want u to know that i am soo sorry for what happened to u. i just wish there was sombody that could have helped u from those monsters .i am so sorry such a little inocent baby could not defend herself it brakes my heart. til this day i still cry for baby brianna. but your safe now rip your in safe hands now precious.    


                                                           love u lotz sending lotz of hugz & kisses! 

J.K.S 6yrs in heaven July 19, 2008

6yrs it's been Brianna,6yrs it's been since you left this earth to go to happiness in heaven.Ohh but I have not stopped crying for you. I do not cry because you are gone,no I cry because of the pain you were forced to endure by those who were suppose to love you. Why they harmed you I just don't understand. I can never understand. Today 6yrs ago an Angel came and held you. She took you far away from that cruel house. You couldn't fight any longer.You are an angel in Heaven. One loved by many here on earth.

Sweet baby I would love to see you and give you a big hug and kiss but I know I can't. I have to stay here on earth and be the voice for those with out. Your purpose was fulfilled.Your voice will be heard by all baby. No matter how silent it was it is loud and strong now.

You silent words and tears are being heard. My heart weeps for you sweet baby. Sweet child. Live in happiness in Heaven. Know that I love you.I've always loved you.


Edwina ~ mum to Troy Mitchell Now Safe in Gods hands July 19, 2008

I came across Brianna's website by mistake although after reading her page I now think I was lead there for a reason. I am really lost for words, I am so upset and find it very hard to contain my tears, your story has really touched my heart.  It angers me so much to think that the very people that should be protecting this sweet inocent little angel infact where the ones to abuse her and cause her so much pain....Shame on them!! Brianna's memory will be kept alive through this wedsite thankyou to the creater for sharing Brianna's very short and tragic life with us. It makes us aware of how important as a community it is to watch out for those that can not do it for them self, to take notice of any thing thats not quite right. And never be afraid to report it no matter what.There will always be a special place in my heart for Brianna, She will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Brianna is now safe in gods hands with all the other angels and will now know what real love is feels like. To those who loved Brianna I only wish that there was something I could say to ease your heartache I pray that you find some comfort knowing that others care! God bless you baby girl.

Edwina Mitchell ~ mum to troy mitchell 

Faith No more tears July 17, 2008

Dearest sweet angel,

I cannot express the pain I feel in my heart for you. I wish I could have saved you. I would have given you all the love that you missed. I cannot even imagine the horror that you experienced every day by the people that should have loved you most. This world is full of evil, and your sweet soul just happened to fall right into the lap of the devil. Now, you have your wings little angel, your soul can rest in the comfort of the Lord. My brave little one, you will be forever loved and missed by thousands, and your tradgic story has touched my heart. You will forever be in my heart. Rest in peace now sweet pea, rest in peace. I love you.

tan you are loved little girl July 12, 2008

To a sweet and inocent little girl, i wish you were brought into this world like you was meant to and even if you diddent think so you are loved by everyone around the world, i know i never got to see you in person but  i love you and when i saw your video on you tube i just couldent hold back the tears and i am very sorry that you were brought to a family that abused you but now  you are safe and away from any harm.


          I will always remember you and you will always have a place in my heart!!!!

                                                 You are forever loved

to Brianna stopping by June 30, 2008

Today was hard Brianna. I had to hold back alot of tears I wanted to shed for you. I try my absoulute best not to cry and to hold up my head but it often crumbles because of how much I miss you. I can't hold back my tears. Oh how I wish I could hold you in my arms and tell you how much you are loved and missed but I can't. Not yet atleast. I have to wait till if I am lucky I get to see you in heaven. I hope I am lucky. If not then I know it has to be so.


There are alot of people who miss you. Even though your family didn't treat you the way you should have been treated with love, hugs and kisses. There are those who wish so much they had the chance to.


I love you Brianna you were a beautiful baby now a beautiful angel. I don't think I could call you a baby now because you are six yrs old. A beautiful big girl. I am sorry you never had a chance to blow out your birthday candle but I know you are jumping up and down playing in heaven.


                  Rest In peace Big girl Brianna

erika my little angel June 29, 2008
you have no more pain and suffering you are free to fly with the angels
you are a special little girl love you with my heart
Jessie Precious soul June 25, 2008
You were so precious and yet full of life i wish you had the life you deserved a happy loving life but unfortunetly you did not get the life that every child deserves. I do miss you and one day i will meet you in heaven.
An Angel Brianna June 22, 2008

I try my best not to cry when I come one here. I hear this song and I love you so much. I want to hold you so bad right now Brianna but I can't. I have to wait I don't know if it will be a long wait or a short wait but I have to wait. Even as I right this I have to hold back the many tears that are about to fall.


I miss you so much Brianna but I know you are in a better place dancing with the other Angels.

Missing you soooooo much.

I love you!

amie sweet brianna June 13, 2008

my sweet briana,

  i only just learned of your short life and i am overwhelmed with emotion.  im not even sure how i came about your story, as it was purely accidental, but since that moment you have been in my mind.  maybe because little girl is 5 months old too.  as i look at her, i think of you precious girl.  i love her so much, giving her hugs and kisses, holding her tight.  but as i do, i want you to know im sending them to you as well.  with each touch of her cheek, im touching your cheek to my baby.  if only i could hold you to let you know im here thinking of you.

  im so sorry brianna, so very sorry.  so sorry everyone failed you, so sorry you were hurt, so sorry for the deepest evils in this world being so close to you.  i hope you know that you were important, you have affected so many people you cannot imagine.  people all over know you, so many people have grieved for you and continue to grieve for you.  

 i promise you i will think of you often, you will not be forgotten.  you make me hug my girls a little tighter, a little longer.  i send my love, sweet little brianna.   


Lanie Sweet baby girl Angel feel no more pain May 22, 2008
Im sorry baby girl that you were not born to loving parents. Why couldnt they see this beautiful gift they had? Ever since I came across your story I think about you and hope you have peace with God in heaven. Bless you sweetheart.
J.K.S To my litttle angel May 20, 2008

Sweet baby. Its been a while since I've been here but my love for you have never dwindled. I am missing you so much. I just wish I could have been there to protect you and hold you in my arms. I am sorry that the people whom you were born to didn't realise how precious you were and forever are.

There are so many that miss you. You have already affected so many lives one of them includes my own. I know Jesus is holding you in his arms tight making sure you are protected. He loves you so much like so many of us here do.


I hope I see you in heaven.


"Sunny days seem to hurt the most

I wear the pain like a heavy coat

The only thing that gives me hope is I know

I'll see you again .................someday


Stay safe angel

Pamela Aloha pumehana May 19, 2008

Angel Brianna, i'm sorry you came into a world that showed you such brutaility.

I wondered so much why do Angels like you have to suffer so much?? why??

All i can think of is that you were a loving soul who suffered so that others won't.

Your story made a change, THANK YOU.

Those of us who are still here, will not forget you, i know i won't.

You're story angers me so much, but it also makes me want to be a better person, to be on the alert for other little angels like you.I know now what is really important in life and angels like you have taught me and i love you for that, even if i never met you in person, i know your pure heart.

God said "The last will be the first" you are now in the arms of Grace........Rest in peace Angel. 

Jessica Briana you stole my heart May 9, 2008
Briana, I know you are with Jesus and that He is taking care of you. I'm so sorry your parents were such terrible parents and human beings while you were here. You were a precious gift, and maybe your life saved your big brother and uncle's lives. Whatever your purpose, you served it during your brief life here. I'm sorry that your life was not celebrated by your parents as it should've been. I love you, precious, beautiful, baby girl, and I am so sorry for what you endured. I'm so glad that you are in a safe place now and can't hurt anymore. So many people love you all over the world now.
Karen Your Forever in my Heart April 24, 2008

Hi precious Angel........I know you are doing fine I thought I'd visit you today to remind you I do care & I love you Little One......I know you feel loved now & you feel no pain....I know your not alone and will never be hurt again. I am waiting for the day I can meet you and all of your friend's until then your in my heart forever my love for you will not end......................

I love you Little One

Hugs & Kisses

Your Forever Friend

"NoMoreTearsLittleOne" Kay April 4, 2008

I never knew your name, I never seen your face, I never heard of you but now I have and I feel so sad. I am disgusted by the abuse you suffered so tiny. You will not be hurt like that ever again. I wish I would have known you to take you from your pain, to give you a happy loving life. No baby should suffer this was. I cry for you now because I can only imagine the pain you must have felt. I will alway's keep you in my heart. I know you are being taken care of now. You are with so many precious Angel's. Rest now sweet little one. Your peace will last forever. Your in the arm's of the angel's !

skylar jade to brianna heaven,sky March 9, 2008
baby brianna even though i have never met you i do miss you. i am not greiving because you are gone or have died but because you suffered to much and because i know you are doing well in heaven. i am just really upset that your family never gave you a chance. you could have been the world's next doctor,lawyer but you never had a chance. you could have grown to do something marvelous for this world. rest well little angel you are in my heart everyday. when i die if i don't go to heaven i won't be upset because i know that you are in heaven. i will just ask God to keep you safe. That is all i will ever want. I love you sweet angel. Kelsey,Sean,Eily and Riley are all taking care of you. rest in peace brianna.
erica God Bless You March 9, 2008
you were a wonderful child and did not deserve to be treated the way you were. God, your father will take better care of you. You were well loved by eveyone who met you... even those of us who haven't. God bless you honey.
melanie a sweet inocent child March 8, 2008
your life was very precious and your parents didn't see that.your in a better place,being well taken for and well loved like your supposed to be.such a beutiful memory to everyone that really loved you.god bless you,baby girl.
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