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tracey shepler
dear,baby brianna               i am so sorry to hear what your family did to u .they belong in hell and to never see you.i will pray everyday thathis dont ever happend to other baby.because i no how u feel because a lot of it happend to me.and i will be a vioce for sweet you.and i will never let this happend to my little brianna
Your with me every day there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of what happened to you since the day I read your story. I don't know if it's b/c you and my oldest would be the same age or b/c I have my own Briana or the fact I can't imagine how someone can create a child only to torture it.  I look at my daughter s I think you too may have looked similar.  I wish I could of been your mommy too love you the way you deserve.  I know your heaven in no more pain.  I know you can't be sad being with Jesus and all those angels and your probably playing with all the other little angles that left this world too soon.  I hope one day your heartless family that put a cage around your grave let there be a memorial for you.  I know one day your dad, mom and uncle will be in more pain then they could ever imagine for taking away something so innocent from you.  In my thoughts alway rest in peace

July 19th, 2002


You flew to a place where you are loved Angel.

You are loved in Heaven every single day.

Brianna's friend
Can we please get together and get Brianna's family rights over her little body revoked I will love to take her aout of that ugly cemetery and put her in a nice, clean and well decorated one the one she deserves, her family isolated her in life but also in death unbeliveable I will love to do this for her but I need help and I'am too far from her I live in long Island but I will love to go visit her grave.. Her family it's not gonna stop the ppl who really loved her without knowing her . I hope her family one day decide to give her what she deserves even after her death those are evil and heartless ppl and that hurts me really bad !! Let's take her out there please  please help me let's all get together I know it's not easy cuz her family won't let anybody to do it but I hope in my heart and will pray to god one day they give up and give Brianna what she deserves .. It hurts me so bad her evil familiy want to pretend nothing happened here oh how wrong they are but one day they will pay for their mistakes. Love you Brianna

baby brianna,

 my hart aches for what happend to you like angel how can someone do that to a littel helpless baby i understand the stress of a newborn cuase i have a littel girl of my owen but i could never even imagen doing this to my child i wish i could have been your mom and gave you a loving hug and a loveing kiss but i get peace knowing your in a safe place now but i still grave for you every single day even seven years later sending you all my hugs and kisses to you and thinking of you everyday rip baby. . . .



               i am going to vist new mexico to see my sister if anyone knows or has visted baby brianna's grave can you email me ive tryed to find it but it's hard to get the information thank you it would be apprecated i want to leave flowers and a letter from my family for her :)


camille varela

little angel brianna you will never feel pain because you are with god you king and he will pertct you and you will feel loved by him.... i love you

Brianna ill b there soon with you baby girl too hold your hand and walk with you in the clouds so we can punish your family for what they did ive seen your mom ive passed by the prison i cant even look i went to your grave to go visit i lef a note roses another angel a letter a picture of my niece and a pink cross and a sign thats says "Little Princess" hope your seeing me from heaven i love you!!

I would give anything to fill this page with memories of you singing,dancing, laughing or atleast smiling.

I wish so much I could have taken away your pain Brianna.I know in Heaven you are safe in God's arms and you are making memories that fill the hearts of the Angels around you.

In my dreams I see you smiling,laughing and playing.You are a happy healthy little girl.I know that is what you are doing in Heaven Angel and it fills me with pride to think about you.

Jump,Run,Skip in Heaven Brianna but know that no matter what we still love you so much.

I can't wait for the day when I could finnaly hold you and look into the eyes of the little baby now girl who changed my life and made me see things in a better way.

I know I will hold you in my arms one day but until then.



I love you always and forever    

Justine Boyd

You will forever be missed & alway's loved. I wish you could have seen the full life of love and happiness and all that lies between. You were a wonderful child. Remember my biggest memory of you is the love I will always have for you. Enjoy your beautiful heavernly life. In my heart, you'll forever be. We all love you and wish the best for you. I still cant believe your gone. No one can take your place. Sometymes i wonder who you would be today. It's not fair that you died so young adn not knowing what your life would be like today. I love you brianna. Love always and forever. <333


     My Precious Little Baby

My precious little baby, your eyes I wish I could have seen
Full of life and happiness and all that lies between
To see your beautiful face, what I would give
If only I had let you live
You were a blessing sent from God above
To be cherished, protected, and given love
I'll never get to kiss you or tell you good night
But in Gods arms I know you're held tight
An awful, selfish decision I made
The memory of you will never fade
In my heart, you'll forever be
I am so sorry, please forgive me
My precious little angel, I hope your wings are made of gold
And I hope one day in Heaven, you, I will get to hold
Jera Burnell
As I read more and more into your story, I started to feel a stinging hole in my heart. I can't stop crying for you and your story baby Brianna. I can't imagine the pain and hatred you felt and knew in your short life. I know deep down in that same whole that you are no longer in pain and hate but, in love and safety for all eternity.God will take care of you. Rest In Peace baby girl. You will forever be in my heart
Izzy and Baby Melinee
I have a little angel of my own whom I love so much, something you didn't get to endear during your short life. I love you so and can't say it enough. You've changed my world forever, as you have for many others. May you RIP and be surrounded by love with the angels that will be with you forever and always.

I wish I could say I have many memories of you Brianna. That I can remember you smiling and happy. That I could remember you smiling and playing. That I can remember seeing you trying to walk the for the first time. That I could remember hearing your little giggle.Or taking you to the park for a swing.

I wish I could fill this page up with your memory......But I can't. The only memories I have of you if seeing your picture for the first time. Seeing your many bite marks.Seeing your bruised face. When I see these pictures I feel like I could hear your scream and or hear you cry out for help. I can almost hear you saying for them to stop.These are the only memories I have of you sweet angel. I wish I could have so much more but for now I don't. Know this Brianna and remember my biggest memory of you is the love I will always have for you. The tears I shed on the 6th Anniversary of your death.I cried so much. I wish THAT THOSE TEARS NEVER HAD TO FALL FOR YOUR SHORT LIFE.I wish I could have taken away your pain.I know in heaven you are making many memories.You are smiling,giggling,swinging and living your angel life.

But I know in my heart I will see you again....someday.

britttney and brianna
when me and my sister brianna hered about happen to you we stared crying we told are mom and dad they said that the ppls that did that to you are gunna burn in HELL and the divle is going to eat there bones and we know that your in a better place now were so sorry we love you now and 4ever rip
i heard you story for the first time and i thought i was having a bad day i know how it feels to be unloved it hurts mentaly and fisicaly i wish i could have been your mommy i would have held you when you cryed and laughed with you every day and rocked you to sleep and showed you the love you deserved and i would have kiss you good night every night  you were a angel how lived a sad littel life im sorry for the pain you sufferd your mommy and daddy my have not loved you but i do good night angel xox
Im sorry the way your family treated you........It makes me sick seeing what you went through all those bruises..... your were burly born...... they took you home and abused you.......Im so sorry little Angel.....Your in a better place looking over everyone next to everyone protecting them =] Like me i have no more nightmares because you protect me from them sometimes i hold my nieces hand thinkin its your little soft angel hands i just wish your family never let you leave this world like this my sisters friend went to jail with your mom but i hope your mother never comes out she doesnt deserve it after what she did to you let your uncles do that to you im so sorry I LOVE YOU 4EVER HOPE 2 SEE YOU SOON BRIANNA <3333
Hey Brianna i just wanted to let you know i miss you :) I cry everytime i see a video of you i think about you have dreams about me being in heaven with you holding your hand walking through the clouds looking down i wish your family never abused you they should have put you up for adoption :( I would have been your new big brother =] But if i ever die ill be sure to bring a teddy for you ok i love you and always missing you im gonna visit your grave next week in Cruces i also got a pic of my niece that looks like you =] I wish i could put it up baby girl ill always cry for you wishing you would have never have left this world i wish you could have lived to live a good loving life i would give you hugs and kisses i would make you feel loved i would have catched you or pinched you or none of that because im burly 13 and i couldnt do that to such a BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL like you R.I.P. IM GONNA GO CRY NOW OK I LOVE YOU always and forever David i wish to see you in heaven and be your friend
I saw this for the very first time today and i cried my heart out! I have lost a lil angel before i ever got to meet him/her but i got to have one of them with me she is growing so quick! I'm sure you are very well aquainted right now god bless you lil angel take good care of brianna for mommy! I love you!
Aishah, Hakeem and Baby Zainab
I read about this for the first time today.. i cannot say how sorry i am for what happened to you.. you deserved to be protected and loved and it makes me sick to think about it.. if i had the chance i would just hold you like i hold my own daughter, i would protect you and love are safe now with god and his angels..those bad people wont ever get near you again..when i think about u i cannot help but to cry, i promise you if i ever suspect a child is in danger i will do all i can to protect them, i wont ever forget you.. you will always be in my heart and i will say a prayer for you everyday

aguirre family
dearest baby your way better where you are at now. i'm lost for words don't know what 2 say just that those who hurt will defenatly burn in hell sweet baby keep dancing with the angels i just can imagen you....... dance baby dance...... dance until you can't dance no more where you are there no pain, or tears just happiness the angels will guide you on your jorney trough heaven and they make sure it's very very very happy guide that your getting god will old you in he's arms and let you no what love feel like.................................... RIP............................................ YOUR SLEEPING BEAUTIFUL BABY IN SOMEDAY I HOPE WE GET 2 MEET YOU WHEN WE ARE IN THE SAME PACE.
Baby Brianna
You will forever be missed & alway's loved....Thought's of you will remain in my Heart forever.......Dance my little Angel & enjoy your beautiful heavernly life.....You are at peace now until we meet one day God hold your tiny hand when you are scared.........
Picture of you!
I remember when I furst saw the only picture of you. You looked so peaceful and beautiful. Your black hair ,you looked like you were sleeping. That is what you are still doing. You are resting. I  love you Brianna
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