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Ari To my little angel May 28, 2012
Hey my little angel girl, i been thinking of you.. I see my 3 beautiful girls
and i know you would of been as happy as they are if i could of been your mommy,
I have a 5 month old baby and when she cries i cant help and think about how much
you cried how much you probably yelled how nobody answer to your cries, its so
painful to know what you went through with those demons, I want to send you flowers
to your resting place baby girl i contacted a flower service that delivers to your
resting area however they told me that they remove any gifts flowers that people send
you. You know babygirl they can remove all they want, but they will never be able
to take away this love that so many people have for your, you are now everyones baby
you my little angel have won the hearts of thousands of people, those same people
that have cried you and continue to sadden beacuse you are no longer with us. I
know you are in great hands, you are in the hands of the lord, no more tears will
you shed no more pain will you feel, and i will continue to think of you, see you
in a smiling child, in a shining star.. The love i have for you is so big and i know
that when my day comes i will be able to hold you, kiss your little face, and embrace
you in all the love this mother has for your.. I love you baby Bri, for ever you will
have a spcial place in my heart...

sending you kisses!
odally aka natasha brianna May 28, 2012
brianna i wish i could be there with you im tired of this world. i just want to get it over with. the world where no one loves us. well me you if i wouldve known you wouldve been saved. but it was jesus choice to take you. im 13 and i still remember you but i still want to die and be with you and my grandma. 
Arianna Brianna May 28, 2012
Hi baby girl

I read your story and it broke my heart. I think of you so much and when i see my girls it hurts me to know the pain you had to go t
endure in your short life.. Baby girl they say that god has a plan for each and everyone, i believe that god send you from the
heavens to open up our eyes, to speak for those that can't you were his strongest little angel up there send you here to this
cold world to make a diffirance and my darling angel you death was not in vain, you have done so much.. People around the
world are rasing even more awareness to child abuse, your legacy will continue to live on and for ever, when ever i look up on
a star i will search for the most the shines beacause i know that will be you looking down on us and protecting all of our little
angeles down here giving them strength and sheltering them from any pain. I love you my dear angel! I have a 5 month old
and sometimes when i look at her i feel as if im looking at you! You have touched and will continue to touch many more lifes.
Beacause of you i want to be a better person and a better mother, i wish i could of been your mommy.. I have cried your
death as if you were my own child.. You are our angel so precious and sweet i know you want us to be happy and not cry for
you because you are in a much better place, but all these people that you have left will continue to cry your tragic death..
I love you Brianna I love you so much just as much i love my girls, you have such a special place in my heart this heart
that still and forever will ache beacuase you were cheated of a wonderful life..

Your so high up but i am sending you hugs and kisses!

I love you mamita!
Isabel :( May 22, 2012
I was just browsing on YouTube and looking at videos and i came across yours, I watched every video I found of you to try and understand why two people so called parents would do something like this to you. I am sure another family wouldve gave you the love those two people never could. It really breaks my heart to see how someone can treat their own daughter that way. If you wouldve been my daughter i would love you every second of the day and made sure noone hurt you. You didnt deserve this baby Brianna you were a beautiful innocent baby that couldnt defend herself from someone you thought would protect you, and all I can do is cry and wish this would stop happening. I hoped that your parents would be in jail for life but they aren't. Now your in heaven watching all of us and protecting us I never knew you Brianna but I love you without knowing you and Im sorry this happened to you. Rest in peace Brianna we love you and you never deserved this. Cry
Donna Zoll Mrs. May 1, 2012
I read of this poor baby months ago and still can not get it out of my mind.  I am just sick inside to think that anyone could have done these horrible things to an innocent baby.  The bible speaks of, in the end times, that people would have no natural affection.  I believe that we have arrived at thos end times.  I hope to see baby Brianna in the next life and have my turn to hold her close and tell her all is well.
L and S Arabia <3 April 28, 2012
Your story has moved me so much that I can't stop crying.

I never knew of this when it happened, but you are in my heart now and tonight when I prayed I prayed for the world in which we live where these things happen. As the mother of a little girl, I just cannot even fathom this but this happened to you.

One day we will meet and I will give you lots of hugs and kisses. 

Rest in peace, sweet angel. There is no pain now.

xoxoxo From a mom who loves you even though you were not my own. 

ver para la bebe mas hermosa del cielo April 27, 2012
ciara r.i.p April 15, 2012
rest in peace brianna.we love and miss you.but you live on.we chersish your left to should still be here with shouldn't have died so didn't deserve hurt and needed love.we wish you were still should be here living your childhood.we hope you are doing fine in heaven with jesus.we hope you hear us when we say we truely love and miss you even if we didn't know you.thank you god for brianna take care of her in heaven.brianna you live on here.we are chersishing you should be here having left to soon brianna.we hope you are resting in didn't deserve abuse,heart ache,pain,you didn't deserve to die so needed love but your family didn't show it.swing you lloo we are showing you love and jesus is loving.brianna we know god and jesus are caring for you.we are shineing on your legacy.don't you worry little one,jesus is loving and caring for you.we are loving you down here to.we miss so much brianna.we will always care,love,and miss you.we wish you didn't leave so soon.but we know you are in good hands brianna we love and miss you r.i.p little one.don't worry we will chersish you always.r.i.p brianna lopez.r.i.p we miss you and love you.don't worry we are chersishing your life don't have to worry any won't be hurt in any won't have pain any more.because you are in the hands of god.r.i.p brianna.r.i.p little one.we love and miss you sooooo!!!!!!!!!!so you rest in peace brianna ok rest in peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CryKissrest in live on our lilttle will live on and be in our hearts foreverand ever and ever and ever brianna.we are missing you.we are hurting in our souls for you.we have hope in our heats for will always be here with us in our hearts and are not live on in our hearts.we are mad that you left so soon.we cry for you.we want you here with us.we hug,hold,and,play with you.but we know we can' hurts that you left so soon from abuse it's hard for us believe it.we pray for you.but you are with jesus and god.he is protecting you now.he is keeping you warm.he wipeing all your are our little are so sweet.we can't believe you left us so soon.we wish you were still won't be hurt any more we know you won' don't have go though pain   any more.we love and miss you so much.we don;t why you had to leave so should be here living your should be here being a child.your family made you leave so didn't deserve abuse our little angel you didn't deserve it.we will always love and miss people here miss and love you brianna and god and jesus love you ok.they are protecting you from danger and harm.we love and miss you so very much.r.i.p our little angel.r.i.p brianna.r.i.p our little brianna ok.we are chersishing you we want you to rest in peace ok.we need you to r.i.p brianna.our sweet brianna R.I.P.ok R.I.P. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SO REST IN PEACE FOR US OK WE NEED YOU TO REST IN PEACE OUR ANGEL.YOU ARE OUR JOY IN OUR HEARTS.SO R.I.P SWEET BRIANNA OH SWEET BRIANNA REST IN PEACE OUR ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!R.I.P ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!REST IN PEACE BRIANNA LOPEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Laura Mi bebe Hermosisima... April 13, 2012
Hola bebe soy yo otravez solo queria saber como estas miamor? deseguro estas en muy buenas manos con todos los otros angelitos verdad? yo se mivida. desde que escuche tu historia siempre pienso en ti corazon siempre siempre. y me pregunto porque tus padres simplemente no te dejaron en el escalon de afuera de mi casa, si esque no te querian yo te hubiera dado tanto amor y tanto carino y estarias siempre rodada de amor y felicidad. sabes yo daria mi vida por que tu estuvieras viva y hubieras nacido en una famila amorosa no como la que tuviste. realmente daria todo todo porque tu hubieras gozado de tanto amor y tuvieras la felicidad de caminar, de jugar con munequitas, de traer buenas calificaciones a casa, de hacer muchas cosas que nisiquiera tuviste la oportunidad de hacer en tu cortisima vida. Lo siento muchisimo miamor, pero yo se que diosito te va dar mucho mas amor que aqui en este mundo cruel al que no debiste haber sufrido jamas. sabes mi hija de 7 mesesitos me recuerda mucho a ti miamor usedes se parecen muchisimo y siempre le ando diciendo que le rezemos a su hermanita ( tu ) porque yo te veo como una hija para mi aunque nunca te conozi pero te quiero mas que a mi vida mi inocente criatura te adoro no sabes cuanto mivida. y yo se que algun dia te voy a conocer en el cielo y te voy a dar un abrazo muy muy fuerte y te voy a decir que te amo mucho bebe hermosa. hay miamor porfavor me haces un favor si? porfis dile a diosito que cuide mucho mucho a los bebes y que no permita que vuelva a suceder lo que te paso a ti mivida le vas a decir? ok miamor siempre te recordare y siempre estaras en mi corazon y en mi mente y siempre que reze a diosito le voy a preguntar por ti te parece corazon? ok que tengas un muy bonito dia jugando con los anguelitos ok miamor. ok TE AMO MUCHO MIVIDA!!!Tongue Out
Nina Nina A beautiful angel in heaven. April 9, 2012
Dear beautiful baby girl. I wish your life had been everything you deserve. Full of love, joy, comfort, safety. I wish there wasn't a condolence page at your site, but rather a celebration of your life. Yet your story is one of tears and heart ace. I wish I was your mommy, I wish I could have known about you and I wish I would have been able to hold you, so close, keep you safe and see you grow up to a beautiful young woman. Remembered for your life, not your death, remembered for the person you where and would have become, not the way you where tortured. From all of my heart I send you love and I hope it will reach you in heaven. I hope all the love from this earth directed at you reaches you in heaven and heals your soul, mends all the pain that was your life when you where with you. I'm so sorry baby girl.

Greetings of love from Norway
Anna Martinez Rest In Peace Baby Girl! April 8, 2012
Dear Brianna Lopez, 

    Rest In Peace. You Didn't Deserve To Die. You're In A Better Place Now. And Even Though I Don't Know You, You're Like My Baby Sister. I Love You Gorgeous Baby Girl. We Love You And We Always Think Of You. You're Always In My Heart Brianna. I Am Still Sad About What Those Jerks Did To You. It Breaks My Heart, And When I Saw What Happened To You I Broke Out Crying. I Love You And I Will Keep You In My Prayers! You're In A Great Place Baby Brianna. I Know You Didn't Deserve This But You're Family Is Paying For It. God Bless You And Rest In Peace. I Love You!  Cry
Ashley LeFlore Baby Brianna. April 2, 2012
Baby Brianna, Ever since i read your story all i can feel is heartache for you. When i seen your pictures all i could see was my two children and my baby brother in your eyes. All I do now is hug and kiss my children and my baby brother evryday and tell them i love em evryday and every minute. How can someone do something so horrible especially to an innocent child?? I know that ur in a better place with no more pain and were there is always someone there to love u know matter what. I know I dnt know you but ur in are like one of my since ive read this. Ive cried my eyes every time i told your story.. As i go to sleep tonight I will say a prayer for u as well as mine own children tonight!! Love you Always Ashley!!
Emily We will always miss you sweetheart March 30, 2012
Cry Brianna we all cant live without your soul on our planet it was a sweet sweet living soul of yours Brianna we all miss you very much and i swear on my life that your parents are very sorry for thier murder of you we are very sad about what happened to you  we all were so disapointed and very sad we hope you rest in peace your parents still love you a hole lot and im sure that they just got mad and hit an angel like you and we all are very sad but your in a better place now but keep this one secret from my mom my mother hits me too but i survived im also very scared to tell her that being a child shouldn`t hurt but im afriad she`ll do something to me im also scared to tell all about my breathing problems but she dosen`t seem to notice them and i have bruses onmy legs and arms and she said i half to be more carefull with my-self but she was the one who caused them so im scared to tell her that but you if lived till you could speak and if i lived next to you i would visit you and totally help you out.
ver por siempre en mi corazon March 28, 2012
hola mi bebe hermosa,perdoname por no haberte escrito por varios dias mi reina,pero sabes me ciento tan triste y no puedo evitar llorar,no se como esplicarte lo que ciento,sabes mi reina como me hubiera gustado haber hecho algo por ti,tenerte en mis brasos y cuidarte,darte carino,calor,amor,todo lo que tu te merecias por que se supone que por eso habias venido al mundo,a dar felicidad y alegria a ese hogar,que triste que no fue asi,pero sabes algo mamita,aunque no estes aqui,ay miles y miles de personas que te amamos tanto mija,habemos tantas madres que no nececitamos cargarte en nuestros vientres para centir lo que centimos por ti,hoy tienes todo el amor del mundo y el privilegio de estar en los brasos del rey de reyes nuestro padre santo jesus,estas en el mejor lugar,te quiero muchicimo y gracias por hacer demi una mejor persona,te quiero pedir algo muy especial angelito,ayudale a diosito a cuidar y ver por todos los angelitos que estan aqui en la tierra,que nadie les haga dano por favor,que haiga buenos hogares y padres para ellos,que diosito ilumine sus mentes y en sus corazones abunde el amor,para que todos los bebes cean felices y tengan una buena y bonita vida,que dios te bendiga mi bebe hermosa,por siempre en mi corazon brianna<3
Andrea Whisler Forever loved and remembered March 27, 2012
Dearest Lil Angel,

            How I wish the devils who were given such a gift from God had allowed someone who would have loved and appreciated your precious life to have you and be blessed with your presence. I myself would have LOVED to have you! You are a shining star Brianna, and even though I cannot have children because of cancer, I can say I have a baby in heaven who will ALWAYS be loved and remembered! God bless you Brianna! Just know this sweet girl, what was done to you will pale in comparison to what will happen to those evil dirt bags in Fhell!
Kelly Tolar Prayers for you sweet baby March 25, 2012
I pray you are playing with new friends in heaven. 

Baby girl you are with Jesus.

J.J.R Princess March 13, 2012
I am so sorry little angel you had to go thru this, no child should have to go thru abuse. I have a one year old and he means the world to me.... I wish you wouldve been my daughter and given all the love, care and support. Now your dancing and playing with the angels. Rest in peace little princess, love you :)
Reyna Agama I LOVE YOU March 11, 2012
SmileI love you lots baby girl and i wish you were mine. You are a true inspiration and I will keep on fighting for you and make sure your story gets out there for everyone to know. I e-mailed Nancy Grace and soon going to send a letter to AMW  in hope your story is told one day.  Also,  i pray everyday for the Lord through his son Jesus Christ to make justice  for you and many other victims of child abuse.I love you mija, and i'm always thinking about you and you are always on my mind. Rest in peace mamas and tell all the other angels that i love them too. Goodnite- Love The Agama and Rodriguez family from Central California. P.S-Bombi, Brea, lil mikey and baby jazzy say they "love you too"Embarassed

Allison J Brianna, Baby Who Needs Me March 9, 2012
I wish I was there, so that I could have held you in my arms.

I would have done my best to keep you from danger and harm.

Your Mommy didn't know how to love you or care.

I would have adored you, but sometimes life isn't fair.

Your short life was not lived in vain.

For I will ALWAYS remeber and honor your name.

Baby who needs me-I am still here

To love you and hold you, please never fear.

Baby who needs me, stay with me  a little while

I know you are now gone, but I still long for your smile.

Maybe in heaven I will see you someday...

I hope you will greet me and your smile will stay.

For now there is a HUGE hole in my heart

Baby who needs me, why did you depart.

Brianna, I love you like you were my own.  I cry daily for the pain you endured....I find myself looking for more information on you because I want to be closer to you.....I want to understand.  I want to find something that says that maybe after the first time you bumpded your head you felt no pain.  It kills me that you endured ANY pain.  I am looking for something that says that the abuse was just a drunken episode, that you did not endure this daily.  I am looking for a family member to say, she was loved and wanted......Did she have toys was she fed was she baptised....was this all just a drunken stupid rage.  The truth is too hard to deal with.....I just can't wrap my fingers around it.   What about her uncle and little brother, why no signs of abuse?????  Why just Brianna????  Why would anyone hurt that little baby?  How could that mom not have known.  Biting her alone deserves more than 17 years.  Old bruises, she had to have seen this.  In some court footage she rolls her eyes.  If I am suffering so much, how could this mom be so detached from this precious child?  I want to understand.  Brianna, you have touched my heart so deeply.  Like no other, you have affected me, I will never be the same.  Yoou are so loved little girl.   I am working on getting a locket made with your picture and my 3 beautiful children in it.  I will cherish you as I do my own.  You deserved this in life Brianna, and I will remember and cherish you in death.  I will cry until I see you again someday.  God bless you, sweet baby girl!
M.C.A Our Little Angel in the Sky, Brianna Mariah Lopez March 8, 2012
She was so small,
so beautiful,
so full of hope and promise.
What a blessing she has been
to all of us who knew her
those few short months.
She taught us to love,
to hope beyond expectation,
to trust in that which is unseen.
She drew us together
in our anxiety,
our moments of despairing and hopelessness,
as well as in our joys and delight,
and in her every breath.
Her life ended prematurely;
just so had she been born.
Too soon she died.
We wept.
The tears continue.
We hugged
and held one another.
The pain will always linger.
Our hearts emptier
for her absence
and the unfulfilled dreams
she promised.
But the love she brought
into our lives will live forever.
Thank you for giving her to us.
Thank you for the blessing
that she will always be.
Thank you for the love we
would never have known,
but for her
and her brief days with us.
Thank you for Brianna Mariah Lopez,
our blessed child of grace.
Tiffany Gaytan (Round Rock, TX I will never forget you Baby Brianna March 6, 2012
Baby Brianna, your image and story is etched in my mind forever. Your story makes me so angry. I do not understand how any person could ever do the things that were done to you. You did not deserve this and the people you were born to did not deserve you. Thinking you had to endure this for 5 months and NO ONE stepped in breaks my heart. Since I have read your story I have not stopped crying, I think I'll cry everytime I think about you. Last night I held onto my baby girl more than ever and just kissed and hugged on her as much as I could. I know God had a hand in your passing, so you didn't have to endure the torture anymore. I think about you crying non stop because of your pain. I just don't understand why you were born to these people. I know I'm supposed to forgive but I can't find a bone in my body to forgive. I feel so angry, I'm grieving for you. I know your passing was almost 10 years ago but after reading your story, it feels like it just happened and I'm so angry I couldn't do anything to help you. I will make it my goal in life to stand up for abused children and stop these things from happening. Children are a gift from God, you were definitely a gift to this world. Your story has reached so many people's hearts. You are forever in my heart, I love you like you are my own. I wish I could hold you and tell you I'm sorry and it will be ok. I'm so sorry we failed you. I hope to meet you one day in heaven and give you a big hug and a kiss. May your soul rest in peace sweet baby angel.
ren to the little angel named brianna March 5, 2012
 May your soul rest in peace and wish that you are happy with our creator in heaven. I just cant hide the feeling of being sad for what happened to you. You are so adorable, sweet little baby, you should deserve more love and care but to bad you were given to the wrong hands. Despite what happened to you, I hope that wherever you are now, you are now happy and feel the love and care you deserve the most.

Riah To Our Little Baby Girl of the World March 4, 2012
            To a perfect little baby girl Brianna Mariah Lopez Love You My Child. Baby Girl we Love You with all of our heart. Hopefully people will learn a lesson with your death. People are very cruel and harmful now days. I send you my love and my prayers, and I will tell your story to people so they too can remember you as I have remembered you. Brianna you have inspired me to work harder in creating a voice towards the world against Child Abuse. You have inspired hundreds of people now it is up to use and to try and make a difference. Baby Girl you have become the world’s child and we your parents give you our love for eternity. Never will we forget you and never will we ever stop thinking about if only you were our daughter. Stay in Heaven and we will meet you, hug you and share our love with you.
Riah To Our Little Baby Girl of the World March 4, 2012
To a perfect little baby girl Brianna Mariah Lopez Love You My Child. Baby Girl we Love You with all of our heart. Hopefully people will learn a lesson with your death. People are very cruel and harmful now days. I send you my love and my prayers, and I will tell your story to people so they too can remember you as I have remembered you. Brianna you have inspired me to work harder in creating a voice towards the world against Child Abuse. You have inspired hundreds of people now it is up to use and to try and make a difference. Baby Girl you have become the world’s child and we your parents give you our love for eternity. Never will we forget you and never will we ever stop thinking about if only you were our daughter.
Sara D. Angel de Dios March 1, 2012
Since I first read about your horrible death, I cannot control my heartache. I have been in tears since I first read about you. I cannot explain the pain I feel for you, Little Angel, but I can promise that I will pray for you and all of the children that suffer at the hands of the people who are supposed to love and nurture them.

I pray that God took your little soul from this place before you were ever exposed to such horror.

I Love You, Precious Baby... The wicked will pay for their crimes against you. I will hold your thought and image in my heart forever.

Descansa en Paz, Angelito.
hina luv u bri!! February 29, 2012
you're an angel now sweetheart. you were too good for this harsh world. luv u lots n lots my baby girl
Sari from Finland Rest in peace little precious baby! February 28, 2012
R.I.P Dear Angel baby Brianna! You are my heart and mind every day! <3
Im very sad what you have to thru, no one child dont desert's that cruelty. Cry
joseph grisius R.I.P. BRIANA February 25, 2012
Emily we need you February 24, 2012
Your abused pics are so sad i cant look at them.
Your mother is realy sad for what she did.
Your not the only one who died from child abuse.
We love you Brianna if there was a way to revive you the whole world would be trying.
If they failed they would try again till they win.
NO ONE can survive without you were all suffering without you we need you back I will take good care of you if you land in my loving arms I LOVE YOU BRIANNA
Skyler Rest In Peace Angel February 23, 2012
Dear Brianna,
Rest In Peace. You will always be heavens little angel. You will stay in our hearts and memories. Your truely missed. Your in a better place now, Away from all the pain and the broken heart.
We will always miss you Brianna.

Rest In Peace Angel.
May I'm soo sorry!!! February 17, 2012
I'm sorry....I'm in tears right now....I cant find words to describe how much pain i feel from the suffering you endured in ur 5 months of life. I'm sorry you didnt get to see the GOOD things of the world, like love, appreciation, laughter etc. I'm sorry the world couldnt be as perfect and precious as you are. I cant imagine the pain and suffering u went through....I'm soooooo sorry, and angry...why is the world like this...???How could anyone ever hurt someone like you???Your body is gone..but ur memory still lives here with us and in my heart ur never going to die! U'll always live here with us....Rest in Peace beautiful!!!
Jacie my angel February 15, 2012
Dear brianna,
i didnt know u princess but ima mother of a 1 year old & i cant bear but hold him & just cry. why did u suffer all that? im feeling ur pain right now & always will. i would hv taken u in and accepted u as mine & shown u the love u had to be shown. U didnt deserve that u didnt know any better. I love u little princess & i hope to see u some day.

Love always, Jacie
SR Baby girl February 15, 2012
Since ive read your story I cannot function as I should. I feel such a depression just knowing how cruel you were treated and how innocent you are. SOMEONE in that house should have kept you safe when you had no voice to defend yourself. How?? How could they all play as if all were ok while you cried in pain? I want to think this is not real because i dont want it to be, but I know it is. Im so sorry baby girl your life was full of pain.

Is there anyome on here having a hard time coping with this tragic story? How do I find comfort for the pain this baby lived?
cynthia long live you precious little Angel February 15, 2012

Lily Garcia when you wake up.. February 15, 2012
When you wake up i will look for you. and you will be loved.
Kimberlie Netherton-Kidd "It Still Hurts That God Called You Home" February 14, 2012

Surrounded by friends
  yet all alone
  the one I loved
  God has called home

  the hugs of friends
  helps ease the pain
  and I know my loss
  is my loved one's gain

  but tears now flow
  across my face
  as I long for just
  one more embraceInnocent

  then comfort comes
  and I see Christ's face
  He hugs my loved one
  and I feel God's grace.

Kayla G. We LOVE you Brianna! February 14, 2012
Rest In Peace Brianna , you are finally away from all your suffering , your in heaven now with people who will NEVER hurt you . Your a precious little angel now .! <3 
JINX RIP February 14, 2012
To paraphrase "Suffer Little Children" by The Smiths:

"Oh Las Cruces, so much to answer for..."

The manner of Baby Brianna's death and the people responsible for it made me ashamed to say I was from Las Cruces.

RIP, Brianna.
ALEXUS BABY ANGEL February 14, 2012
alexus WE MISS AND LOVE YOIU February 14, 2012
Jayden's mom I NEVER KNEW YOU, BUT I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU February 12, 2012
It hurts so much to write these words as you should be here with those who truly loved you. Since hearing of your story you have yet to leave my thoughts. I can't imagine what you were going through at such a young age, but glad you are at peace now. I often wonder what would've been if you were still in that home and sad to say only dark thoughts are what I see. The rape, abuse and torture would only get worst so God knew what had to be done. We will never know how you looked alive and happy (if ever) but I see your smiling face everytime I close my eyes.

Rest my darling,
I hope to meet you one sweet day. 
Aurore Ma petite Chérie, February 10, 2012
Une fois de plus je viens te laisser un petit message . Je pense que tout va pour le mieux avec toi . J'ai toujours un petite pensée pour toi à mon réveil, parfois un larme en repensant au mal qu'on a pus te faire subir. Mais maintenant tu es parmis tes mai(e)s les Anges.  Je te fais de énormes BISOUS mon peit Ange . <3
abigail angel February 10, 2012
Adriana Beautiful Angel February 3, 2012
Hello beautiful angel , it has been a couple of days since i heard about your story and i can't stop thinking about you. I have a 6month old baby and i can't imagine anybody wanting to hurt somebody so tiny. You have a very special place in my heart baby girl , i will pray for you everyday chiquita hermosa. I would have loved to have been your mommy so that i could fill you with love . I hope that now as you are in heaven with jesus you find yourself happy , you were so beautiful. I will never forget about you princess , you will always be in my heart. I just hugged my baby real tightly and warmly , i send that hug to you baby brianna. May you rest in peace Beautiful Angel.Kiss 
veronica becerra brianna February 1, 2012
baby brianna,hola bebe yo se que hoy estas en buenas manos,sabes desde que mire tu historia la verdad que no tengo palabras para explicar lo que ciento,es terrible pero sabes estoy aprendiendo muchicimo,gracias a dios tengo 5 hijos mi bebe tiene hoy dia 7 meses una linda bebe como tu y en cada detalle que le doy y que me da se refleja tu rostro,todos los dias pienso en ti y la verdad no puedo contener las lagrimas ciento mucho dolor en mi corazon,como pudieron hacerte tanto dano quienes supuestamente te deberian de cuidar no tienen perdon de dios,todos los dias le pido a dios por ti que realmente se haga justicia divina,pero tambien le agradesco que estas con el y no en este mundo cruel lleno de odio y maldad,nadie volvera a hacerte dano,que dios te bendiga bebe bonita y descansa en pas,te quiero mucho y por siempre estaras en mi corazon,un abraso y un beso con todo mi amor<3
Amy`sMummy wish could turn back time January 30, 2012
Sweet little girl.....Ich wünschte ich könnte die Zeit zurückdrehen und Dir helfen und Dich beschützen, vor all`dem Leid und den Schmerzen, die Dir diese Monster angetan haben. Wie kann eine Mutter so etwas zulassen...die Augen verschließen und ihrem Kind diese furchtbaren Dinge antunYell? That makes me sad and angry. We think of you every day and hope you`re on a better place, where you have never hurt again. Hope you`re smiling, playing and loughing with other children. You`re allways in our hearts and never forgotten...Cry...we send you hugs and kisses

Patty Brianna in my heart January 28, 2012

Hi Brianna,


Just yesterday I became familiar with what happened to you. I was so distraught that I could not sleep. My heart, soul and prayers go out to you. I am ashamed to be part of the "great country" right now. We have ppl walking on the moon, we have ppl fighting other countries battles, but yet we cannot save our very own, our own that cannot defend themselves.I pray that you have finally found a home in heaven. The only mistake that you ever made was being born to those horrible retched "parents" of urs. I will keep you in my thoughts and heart daily. Because of your "life" I now know I can be the best parent each and every day, hoping this brings you comfort and happines, something you lacked in life.May God keep you by his side and nourish you with eternal love.


Tina R.i.p LITTLE CUPID January 15, 2012
It's sad that u  were born in da day of love ...feb 14 , a true angel n received none from your parents . U were so innocent with lots of love to give, how can they do such thing to such a precious little baby. It brought tears to my eyes to hear ur story, can't believe how sick those adults were, they don't even deserve to  hold the title of parents ....cus parents they never were. parents shelter their  kids from harm, love n take care of them n live in fear of losing their child . But now ur with da best father ever he will never hurt u baby girl n has u enjoy a happy everlasting life ......those animals dat did dat to u will suffer forever in hell . R.i.p Brianna  ~ LITTLE CUPID <3 
Kumuthini I hate this world.... January 14, 2012
Hey Brianna darling....

i hate this world for that what you have had to suffer.

I feel right now, to take you in my arms and hug you. Yor are no more here.
I miss you my baby. I wish and hope that you are happy there where you are now.

love you....miss you............

odally aka natasha love January 6, 2012
my heart is full of sadness everytime i get mad or sad and feel like dieing i stop and think to my self and say i dont cause some kids dont get the chance to live a life ,like you i cry in the inside on the out side i smile but no one knows how i feel ill be with u pretty soon i promise life just goes 2 fast



                                                                                                odally aka natasha


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